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=> people with guns are lousy shots...even Police.

people with guns are lousy shots...even Police.
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, September 15 2013, 19:02:55 (UTC)
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Police shoot bystanders by mistake

The suspect "took out his hand and simulated as if he was shooting," commissioner says
Two women were shot while police tried to subdue an "emotionally disturbed" man
The man was walking into traffic, apparently trying to be hit, police said

(CNN) -- New York police have brought a variety of charges against the "emotionally disturbed" man they say triggered a police shooting near Times Square that wounded two bystanders.

Officers fired three shots at 35-year-old Glenn Broadnax in the Saturday night confrontation a block west of the famous tourist district, hitting two women on a nearby corner in the process, a police statement said Sunday.

...that's just great. If trained police can shoot innocent bystanders and pull their guns and shoot because they "think" some guy had something in his hand...what about all the gun crazies who actually think they're in the movies and will pick off the bad guy, maybe even shoot his gun from his hand? Most gun nuts shoot at target ranges, under no pressure, with targets clearly marked...what happens when John Doe pulls his canon in a super market because he THINKS someone has a gun, or even if the other person has one...and styarted shooting? How many bystanders could he hit?

...crazy people.


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