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=> progressives always win in the end.....

progressives always win in the end.....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, October 30 2018, 17:47:16 (UTC)
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...and they have ever since we started cooking humans instead of eating them raw...and it's been progress ever since. Of course those who fear change and want things to remain as they are mount a backlash, it's normal....but eventually the world moves on...women couldn't vote since forever and then they could....children of nine were forced to work and then they weren't....people had to work 60 hours a week and then 40...the Progressive agenda ALWAYS wins in the end...if it defeats a backlash is due to how prepared progressives are to meet the backlash...even there, even though we may be slow to respond, when we do, we win yet again...

The day the South fired on Fort Sumter was the day slavery ended...the Confederates turned out to be the biggest Abolitionists of all!

Same with Hitler...the fact that he did so much damage was only due to the slow response to his rise...had progressives been motivated they could have shut him down easily...

Once upon a time racism was more respectable because there were avowed intellectuals and scientists and professors who championed was much harder back then to challenge its ditzy notions because there was a certain level of high-minded support for it.

These days it's very different. The proponents of racism today are greasy and feebleminded...there are no scientists (except that one at Stanford) and the low-brow intellectual Jordan Petersen...the rest live in trailer parks, if not in reality then in their heads....and Trump, of course...but he's such a shyster and dimwit he does the cause no credit...

We have to keep reminding ourselves that Trump lost the vote by over three million the idea that "America" wanted Trump is another lie...he won by 70,000 votes due to a system which, not surprisingly, was instituted because of a fear of the Black vote.

Don't despair....he can easily be defeated...although we should ever be grateful that he won and helped bring out the puss of American "values".

...the planet will get us all in the end anyway.


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