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proving god exists...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, August 19 2013, 3:10:11 (UTC)
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...I don't have to...nothing is clearer than there is no god...and thank god there isn't one. I don't understand why agnostics exist. What's their thing?

The person making the fantastic claim has to prove it...not the one who hears of it.

If I say pigs fly on Mars, I have to prove it.....I can't say to someone else, "prove they DON'T".

God doesn't exist...he has never existed, in any Thor, no Isis, no Ashur, no Allah....never happened because there has never been any evidence for it...never.

I think only a few idiots take gods seriously...I don't think any pope EVER believed there was a god...or any priest. They have to say they do...but they know better. What keeps god around is the belief that believing in his existence is better for humans...but that isn't true either...maybe once when we were grossly ignorant, there was some good in it...but for centuries now this belief has held us back, made us more barbarous, less humane and certainly more violent than we would be without him.

That doesn't mean that if you got rid of him today things would instantly BE could they when millions of children have been convinced that he exists and is keeping an eye on them and can punish them and doesn;t want them thinking too much or exercising their reason. They were crippled at birth and given this crutch to lean on and guide their path with and if you kick the crutch out from under them they may well fall...but that's not a reason to force a crutch on them by crippling them....let them get actual help in developing their minds and muscles and not only will they not need that dismal crutch, but they'll run farther and faster than they ever could with it.


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