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=> return antiquities to Egypt...

return antiquities to Egypt...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, May 20 2012, 18:48:06 (UTC)
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...Christians are grave robbers...they robbed Egyptians treasures and took them to Europe to display...and they make millions from them.

Their favorite argument is that these treasures are safer in Europe...and better cared for. Egypt has come a long way and can now protect their own artifacts as well as anyone else....but the idea that these treasures are safer in Europe is a joke...just as the Europeans how much of their own treasures they destroyed during WW II....less in WW I, but they were on their way...not to mention looting by the Nazis and now by the gringos in Iraq....when was the last time an Arab nation bombed another from the air...sending tons of TNT raining down on civilians, museums, mosques and everything else?

The Euros are basically still Vandals.


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