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=> so easy to understand the economy...

so easy to understand the economy...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, May 4 2012, 13:01:33 (UTC)
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...unless you're in the business of obfuscating and trying to confuse people on purpose...where's the mystery?

Banks are allowed to print money, the economy and the banks NEED new and more money....and nothing has to back the money's just paper, print all you need and they DO. It would be like Monopoly without the bank, if they didn' couldn't PLAY. The argument against a government printing up the money is that "government will print what it wants"...well, SO WILL BANKS...except, you have to pay those banks INTEREST, which you don't to governments if they print the money....eventually you WILL go broke, you and your country because as the money circulates through the economy more and more of it gets siphoned off by the rich...that's the way it's SUPPOSED to isn't a "fluke" or "bad planning", it is THE plan!

...where's the mystery?


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