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something sort of strange...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, May 28 2012, 0:45:16 (UTC)
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...I remember a while back seeing a two-volume set, very lavishly illustrated, about the artifacts dug up in Iraq...I canīt remember the author but it was one of those really fine quality, handsome Iīm sure it was a very early edition, since there were no photos, just beautiful pencil drawings....the title said nothing about did say "Chaldeans"...somehting like "The Art of Chaldea" or something....but the illustrations, all of recently, very recently, excavated pieces, were all the same ones we know of as I wondered, why are they calling these things Chaldean and not Assyrian? And, later other books came out which identified the artifacts correctly as Assyrian.....what gives?

Remembering also that Layard and Rassam both called the Nestorians Chaldeans, not Assyrians....I realize now that what this shows is that at the time of the excavation no one was using "Assyrians"...what they had been using till then was that in the first rush to publish these works, and because the only ancient name in use at the time was Chaldean, these discoveries were named Chaldean...because no one KNEW anything about one was running around then saying "I am Assyrian"....both Nestorian Church of the East people and Catholics were calling themselves Chaldeans....

No one, no assyrian, corrected Layard and the rest of the explorers pointing out that they were one. No one pointed out that Assyrian artifacts were being mislabelled one.

Why didnīt those earliest explorers call their discoveris Assyrian? one had heard that term before as a name for the Nestorins...only Chaldean was in use....much later, when the cuneiform was deciphered by Smith did they find that these things were Assyrian.......interesting.


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