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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, December 3 2019, 17:55:50 (UTC)
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Website title:'s a casino or a poker game for wealthy types. It goes up and down because people are playing chicken. There is a "threat" or possible "downturn" so the players sell, a bit, or more...and wait to see if it drops even further and they can pick up bargains, which they can keep or cash in once it invariably goes up again, usually because the same people suddenly buy and that's taken to mean that things are looking back up.

It's bouncing around right now because the wealthy have even more money to gamble know how grandmothers and retirees like to play the 25 cent slots at Vegas? Well, billionaires also like to risk money to make more money. It's just that they can manipulate the market like you can't the Slots at the Casino.

Every bit of bad news or "scare" is a gleeful chance to make more just have to sell-off here and there to scare others into selling off...and then you come in and buy cheap.

Any idea how many wealthy people got super rich because of the Great Depression?

Using a rising stock market to say the economy is doing well for others is like counting how many Ferraris there are at the parking lot of Harrah's Casino and judging things to be improving because ten more Ferraris are parked there.

It's the same trickle-down bullshit....if the wealthy become even wealthier then the rest of us will do better too.....a con Carlin said, The American Dream is a Ponzi Scam.


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