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=> taking Harris at his word....

taking Harris at his word....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, May 25 2012, 17:02:51 (UTC)
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Letīs take Harris at his word...that he, and Hitchens and Dawkins too, are primarily concerned about religion because of the possibility that radical Muslims, not Christians or Jews, will somehow get their hands on nuclear weapons and then where will be? In other words it is Islam that is the real threat...that while all these religions are equally silly and dangerous and false, it is Islam that poses the greatest threat to the world today and that is why we have to be especially on guard against Islam...except thatīs exactly what Christians once said about Judaism...that JEWS were the threat to Europe and world peace etc.

But even if that was true, and they believed it....why draw cartoons of Muhammad as a pig and then insist Muslims MUST accept this as "free speech"? If they are so damn dangerous and Harris is o damn afraid...why provoke them? You know a lion will maul you to death and eat you too....then why climb into a cage with it and tweak itīs nose? Are you perhaps LOOKING to provoke you can kill it as a "danger" to your health...or your inalienable right to tweak any animalīs tail you damn well please?

Something doesnīt make sense here....if islam is the GREATEST threat the world faces then why not minimize that threat by at the least not attacking Muslim countries, based on lies? Or at all? Which countries, of which religion, has been attacking all over the worldf...Egypt? Libya? Iraq? Kuwait...or the United States?

Who stole the land of a sovereign people to hand it over to Europeans, who happened to be Jews, whose Christian neighbors tried to exterminate FOR being Jews? Did a Muslim country do that...or Christian nations through their United Nations?

It seems Harris and the rest, for all their brilliant work at debunking Christianity, have really been at work, hand in hand, with neo-cons who are manufacturing reasons to kill they did against Jews.....under the cover of exposing all religion, Harris and the rest are providing cover for the war on ONE religion, Islam...when Islam wasnīt bothering any of them.
But certainly you can MAKE people want to attack you....we saw the United States use 19 non-Iraqis as a pretext to attack Iraq...if we can feel justified in so horribly getting it wrong...canīt Muslims want to fight Americaīs blind support and use of Israel as its attack dog?


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