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taking issue with Bill Maher
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, October 20 2018, 17:37:57 (UTC)
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....he is the best thing on teevee if you want some straight talk....but he has blind spots like anyone else.

1. Islam. Either he willfully plays dumb or he has no sense of perspective on this topic. No one is saying any of the Abrahamic religions is any good...they all suck AS religions. But what is still being done to Muslims has nothing to do, actually, with their religion. If we treated Buddhists or atheists or French Catholics they way we've treated Muslims, they would do exactly the same to get back at us. We didin't declare war against Japan because of our religion, or theirs...we did it and dropped atom bombs on their women and children because they attacked us...plain and simple. We would have done the same to France or Italy....Muslims have NEVER done the things we see some of them doing now because we NEVER did what we've done to them....Islam as as silly as any of them, but that isn't the issue...that's the smokescreen and Maher is as guilty as neo-cons in runnign with it.

2. Free Speech. Maher and others on all sides have slammed college students for preferring one sort of speech over others...they say college is the place where speech MUST be free or else students are pansy hypocrites. What all colleges should do is drop the FOX news type of "debate" where one person screems his beliefs and then interrupts and shuts down all others...colleges used to allow for free DEBATES where both sides of issues were presented AT THE SAME TIME....not one person shouting one day and an opponent shouting next week...people now make things up and get away with it...they are not challenged in real time.

College is the last place students will be able to set the rules for themselves...and it isn't as if Maher or Limbaugh have no other platform for their ideas...but college campus is the ONLY platform students have for their ideasd and values....why are Maher and others all of a sudden insisting they have a right to one MORE platform? Would any of them allow students on to give their views if those views are not liked by Maher and company?

Ben Affleck took issue with Maher on his show and has never been invited back...Rula Jabreel simply stated facts Maher didn't like and SHE was never invited back...can students ever get corporate sponsorship to mount a cable netweerk show? Of course not...the ONE place they have a little control over is the campus and Maher wants to invade THAT as well...why?

3. Political Correctness....this is the most bogus of all. As the men of Sherwood forrest if making it illegal to rob the rich to give to the poor wasn't an example of "political correctness" and they will tell you it definitely is....that it should be the norm to rob the rich etc.

White men were hurt and inconvenienced that they can no longer be "themselves" so they lablelled any effort to curb their rude and crude behavior as "political correctness"....when all we're really talking about is taking into account the rights, the feelings, the safety, the opprtunities and the humanity of OTHER non-white non-male people...for the first time in history.

If things have gone "too far" in the opposite direction, whose fault is that? Who pushed people to such extremes that only by pushing back, even harder where need be, was their firsta nd only option?

It is not political correctness that urges us not to call handicapped person a is simple decency to be considerate and polite....are any of us really enjoying this "new and bold" way Trump has brought with him?


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