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=> tangible proof that Christianity Fucked Black People

tangible proof that Christianity Fucked Black People
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, May 10 2012, 13:26:19 (UTC)
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...people are worried that Obama's stance on EQUAL RIGHTS (not equal SEX RIGHTS) will hurt him with Black voters.....whites are pro EQUAL RIGHTS by 55%...Blacks are pro Equal Rights by 45%...Whites are MORE in favor of equal rights than Blacks???? Huh?

Blacks, who benfitted greatly from the Civil Rights Movement, who demanded equal rights for ALL Americans, are placed in the uncomfortable position now of now being AGAINST equal rights,for all Americans, simply because of a Jew handyman....they are poised to vote AGAINST the very equal rights they demanded, fought and died for, and benefitted from...and why? Because a Jew 2000 years ago said so. And how did they come to believe in this Jew? The White Man FORCIBLY CONVERTED know, like Muslims are accused to doing to people...only didn't?

This is how little Blacks have to thank Jesus for...not only was it HIS followers who created the Slave Trade, in Christian lands (the most virulent form of slavery ever!), but their ministers and priests and preachers taught that it was god's will, that same Jew...and Mormons to this day believe in their black little hearts that Blacks are inferior beings...Jesus has worked AGAINST Blacks in every way imaginable...even to forcing them to go against Equal Rights for all Americans; some thing they fought and died for just a few decades ago.


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