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=> that Turkey Tablet and the intellectual poverty of assyrians....

that Turkey Tablet and the intellectual poverty of assyrians....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, September 15 2013, 5:12:09 (UTC)
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...I'm so glad that tablet was discovered because it reveals so much about the poverty of mind of assyrians...especially those who rush to believe and hope that these things can prove they are the children of Ashurbanipal....

...when assyrians discuss that magic tablet they say it proves that Syrian meant the same as Assyrian, even way back when....8th century AD to be exact. What they THINK they are saying is that the ancient Assyrians themselves called themselves Syrians. Of course that is not so and there is no evidence to suggest it.

What the tablet revealed was that a small city-state in Asia Minor which the Assyrians had conquered had a peculiarity to their language in that they dropped the initial "A" from that to them, and this is critical, to THEM Syrian was the word they used for Assyrian. What does that prove except that different people have different ways of spelling. If some language today does the same and we become Mericans, to them, instead of Americans, it doesn't mean that WE call ourselves Mericans too, or in addition to....we know it is THEIR peculiarity and THEY know they mean US, the Americans, only that's how they write "American"...that doesn;t mean we BECOME Mericans...nowhere would WE call ourselves by that name.

Same with that tablet...there is no evidence showing that the ancient Assyrians started calling themselves "Syrians" least not because of that tablet....Joseph explains how we came to call ourselves by the name the Greeks gave to the Arameans; Suraye. It had nothing to do with that tablet...but that our silly people LEAP at these straws and bend reason out of shape to prove something they want desperately to believe, shows just what intellectual poverty there is among them...especially Taco.


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