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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, August 25 2013, 1:07:51 (UTC)
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...before tearing into this let me point out that this is exactly what this nayshun has done to its idiots....the thing bellow is a hodge podge of opinions...that's all OPINIONS...shackled together with just enough big words to make an assyrian swoon....

Taoro wrote:
>"I take such expressions of Assyrian identity seriously, despite the communis opinio of classicists which sees in them simply references to the writers' linguistic background and doubts the persistence of Assyrian cultural traditions in the Hellenized Near East.

...sure, and I'm a Native American because I say, and oh yes, I wear a feather in my HEAD! Can you imagine any serious academic saying "I take such expressions seriously..." and letting it go at that? We already KNOW that people take this shit SERIOUSLY...that's the whole fucking point...that it is NOT serious! You have to show WHY it is something to take "seriously"...just because people SAY it does not provide the grounds to take it seriously...but, Taco likes the way it SOUNDS...he likes it when a white man strokes his balls, SERIOUSLY...and that's all this is.

Yet how could such traditions not have persisted, when we know that Greeks and Romans from Plato till late antiquity kept learning spirituality and science from the Assyrians and Babylonians?

...Huh? You could learn a lot TODAY about a lot of things from the ancient Assyrians, or Greeks, or what? How does that prove that Taco is an assyrian?

The cursive nature of the Syriac script alone, from its first attestations, implies the existence of an extensive Aramaean literary corpus in the post-Assyrian centuries. may "imply" many things to you...that does not make it factual. The entire bible was in of course there were books and things in ARAMAIC...but there quickly stopped being anything written in AKKADIAN...and THAT was the language of the Assyrians...Aramaic is NOT is people think that when you adopt a language you become the people OF that language. When the cuneiform tablets were dug up, written in the ASSYRIAN LANGUAGE, none of you could read come? How come the Assyrians never translated the Epic of Gilgamesh into their new come? If they were all Assyrians and if they REMEMBERED being Assyrian and if Aramaic was just their new come they didn't translate all the wealth of their histrical and scientific and literary writing INTO Aramaic? How come all you people knew about "being assyrian" came from the Jewish which EVERYBODY could learn what you "knew" come? one said Aramaic didn't survive...but we do know that Akkadian, didn't! How come assyrian parents today warn their children not to forget "their mother tongue"? Even though they mistakenly think Aramaic is their native tongue, still...the warning is accurate. Our parents say this because they know that if we forget out "mother tongue" we will, what? What, Taco? That's right...we will forget "WHO WE ARE"! And that's exactly how the ancient Assyrians "disappeared" forgetting their Akkadian mother tongue and not bothering to translate their actual heritage INTO Aramaic...

As noted by Fergus Millar, "the Syriac-speaking inhabitants of what had been ancient Assyria apparently did not suffer from historical 'amnesia'... [T]he Syriac Chronicle of Karka de bet Selok (present-day Kirkuk), written in about the sixth or seventh century, begins with the foundation of the city by an Assyrian king, mentions further building by Seleucus and goes on to speak of martyrdoms under the Sasanids. " Such historical details would not have been possible without written records reaching back to Assyrian times.

...again, we take no history lessons from Theologians or missionaries...sorry. If this is true then history books would be FILLED with the fascinating story about how the ancient Assyrians SURVIVED down to our day...but they are not! You will not find ONE BOOK by a noted and respected historian, in any university, that makes these wild-assed claims....but you WILL find it in missionary books.
>Since Late Antiquity, Christianity in its Syriac elaboration has constituted an essential part of Assyrian identity.

...only if you believe (as missionaries would) that all Assyrians converted to Christianity and obviously that is not so..and cannot be so. Rather "Assyrian" identity BECAME Christian identity.

As I have tried to show elsewhere, conversion to Christianity was easy for the Assyrians, for many of the teachings of the early Church were consonant with the tenets of Assyrian imperial religion.

...which "teachings"? he doesn't say. If anything is true it is that the teachings of Jesus, the Jew, would NOT be "consonant" at all with anything Assyrian.

In fact, it can be argued that many features and dogmas of early Christianity were based on practices and ideas already central to Assyrian imperial ideology and religion. Such features include the central role of asceticism in Syriac Christianity,

...where was "asceticism" central to the ancient Assyrians...where? he doesn't SHOW, he just SAYS it. What else? How about "The meek shall inherit the earth"? Where is that expressed in Assyrian religion?

the cult of the Mother of the god, the Holy Virgin, and belief in God the Father, his Son and the Holy Spirit, formalized in the doctrine of the Trinity of God.

...such unadulterated bullshit can only be spewed by a Christian apologist who is ignorant that holy mothers and fathers existed in ALL religions!
>The Trinitarian doctrine enters Christian theology only in the third century AD. As late as in AD 260, Pope Dionysios of Rome could still be shocked by the idea of three hypostases proposed by Origen. Where did Origen get his ideas from? His teacher was Clement of Alexandria, who in his turn had been taught by an Assyrian, Tatian.

...Tatianos was NOT Assyrian! Now I know where Taco dug this shit up! To Taco and this "author" if you were botn, at ANY TIME, in the lands once known as were ASSYRIAN. That Romans conquered many lands...lands occupied long ago by all sorts of people...that did not make anyone born in those lands a "descendant" of those ANCIENT PEOPLE.

...Tatianos, Lucianos, Bob, George, LOTS of people were born in what was once Assyria...that did not make them ethnically or in any other way Assyrians!

..A Chinese couple that migrates from Beijing to Arizona and has a child there can not claim that their Chinese baby is a NAVAJO. Doesn't matter that once Arizona was part of the Navajo Nation!!! Jesus!

We do not know exactly what part of Assyria/Syria Tatian came from, but we do know that he was an Assyrian

...oh really? You KNOW he was Assyrian? How? Even though you don't know where he was born? You silly was no longer Assyria WHEN he was born there! Have you ever heard of migration? When the empire fell all sorts of new people settled there, why wouldn't they? Did THEY become Assyrian too? If I eat kipti am I suddenly ASSYRIAN? And yet, if an Arab is born in "assyria' today...he can NEVER be an ASSYRIAN...but any Roman or Greek born there 2000 years ago is ASSYRIAN! Honestly.

and as such part of a religious tradition in which Trinitarian ideas had been current for centuries. I would submit there is a great likelihood that he is the ultimate source of Origen's Trinity."
>They thought us Assyrianism...

...this guy is obviously a Christian desperate to turn the ancient Assyrians INTO those glorious people were just WAITING for Jesus to come along...bullshit, because we can see what Jesus DID to them...if anything the remnants of Assyria were waiting for MUHAMMAD because the great Islamic Empire was built upon Assyrian/Babylonian and Persian foundations NOT Hebrew ones....all the Christians of that region built was a scaffold to hang themselves on.

...this is the kind "evidence" this dweeb brings us....he doesn't even dare say who the author is...and for good reason. If it isn't Aprim it's clone.


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