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=> the hypocrisy is mind-numbing

the hypocrisy is mind-numbing
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, August 26 2013, 19:18:32 (UTC)
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...a big deal is being made out of chemical weapons in Syria....Secretary of War Kerry says the world is sickened by images of civilian suffering....which explains why the United States allowed no such images to be broadcast from Iraq or Afghanistan....the human mind can only take so much before it short-circuits....none of this, none of the wars and killings of the last 50 years were inevitable....they were not "in the cards" as dictated by "Islam's call to violence"...all of it has been brought about by the way WE have dealt with Israel....and until that issue isn't dealt with fairly, these wars will go on and huge profits will continue to be made and the United States will take a "moral" stand against what OTHER people do, while calling itself heroic.


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