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the lies of Semele....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, August 22 2013, 23:28:42 (UTC)
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...the following is typical of the lies we spread about what happened and why it happened...from Maggie's where lies go to brood.

"In 1934 France suggested on Malik Yaco to settle the Assyrians who fled the massacres of the terrorist Iraq, in Feyrouza (Homs - Syria), and then in Al-Dumair (North oif Damascus), but his answer was : "We want to be settled close to Iraq, someday we will return". Alas .."

...the supposed "terrorist Iraq" was the same Iraq that took the refugee assyrians in...and gave them protection and a home. Those assyrians had turned themselves into refugees by once again betraying their countries and neighbors to the Brits.

...With Iraq in turmoil at the end of WW I and all sorts of disputes over land by the indigenous Iraqis, our ungrateful refugees added to the clamor by insisting they had superior rights to a "homeland"...that's right...escaped assyrians from Iran and Turkey, given shelter by Iraq, turned around and said they were OWED their "indigenous assyria" it any wonder they are where they are today?

Rather than accept the generosity of the Iraqi government and the final warning of their "friends" the Brits, members of the Marshimun's gang decided, all on their own, that they could get a better deal from the French, and so a number opf them took their weapons, left their families behind in Iraq, and crossed the border into Syria...a completely illegal and at the time unwise thing to do. When they learned they had duped themselves and the French had made no such invitation, they crossed back into Iraq, only this time the army was there to demand they turn over their weapons, a completely reasonable thing to do and something any country on earth would have demanded of any armed gang it had just welcomed and who behaved in this manner.

No one who shot first but a gun battle ensued during which many Iraqi soldiers were killed...and this was the last straw for the government and people of Iraq who probably regretted their welcome of a bunch of ingrate Christians who'd made themselves unwelcome in their own countries by precisely this same kind of treasonous behavior.

To teach one of those awful lessons wherein a group is punished for the crimes of a small faction (as the United States punished 700,000 Iraqi babies, and their families for what 19 Saudis did) the Iraqi government decided to make an example of the people of Semele and murdered, in cold blood, 300 villagers.

And whose fault was this? Is it again the assyrian position that "we never did anything to anybody?..They just persecute us"!

Let a band of assyrians now take weapons and cross and recross the American border at will and let's see how many of them cannot behave illegally and then wail that you are being "persecuted"...granted collective punishment is barbarous...but it is what they ALL do, meaning Christian as well as Muslim states.

Iraq was in turmoil and would remain so for decades to the 20s the British had occupied the country again and being broke, had lured assyrians into the Levies, a colonial police force bound to be hated by the Muslim population....and they were...more treasonous acts as well as acts of ingratitude. Iraq was under no obligation to take in escaping Christians, running from their lives from the wrath of the neighbors and countries they had just betrayed...but they did it, and lived to regret it.

The minute you hold an assyrian acountable for his actions, he cries that he is being persecuted!


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