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=> these starving children "matter"......

these starving children "matter"......
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, September 9 2013, 4:32:37 (UTC)
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Gupta: 'People starve to death here'

In refugee camps Syrian children are starving to death and dying of preventable they were for ten years in Iraq, only now we wish to advertise, because someone ELSE is doing it, Muslims are doing it...just like the Holocaust and accusations that Muslims and Turks also committed genocide...they didn't, but WE did and we're Christians so we're desperate to paint them with our crimes....the hypocrisy stinks and almost makes you not want to care for ANY starving children...but of course you must....but what about starving children in America...what about preventable diseases in America...what about rampant capitalism that's destroying lives and health in America and the isn't JUST in refugee camps that people are dying.


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