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update on arrow
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, April 30 2012, 20:34:52 (UTC)
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He has gone running again after I exposed him. He will show up sometime later with another name. Ghewargis didn't work, minime didn't work, mancho didn't work, and arrow didn't work. Just like little ashur who has many accounts and emails, and names, this one is the same. It's out of shame and embarrassment that they have to do that. By hiding under another name, posing as being non-religious, they think they won't be caught with their pants down. It's funny how they operate on their own forums. When one of the heroes would feel insulted, which always, he would ask for his challenger to be banned. If it was someone popular on there and one who is also friends with the moderator, then the angry hero would threaten to no post anymore. Later they come back and pretend it never happen and think everyone forgot. This is what arrow is up to but he isn't alone. This is the bravery of the "assyrian nation" and they are embraced and applauded for it. Arrow is all they have on here to represent them so he must be doing a good job for them in their mind.

Just like when pancho called him out when he was "minime" and got angry when he was called andreas. The same reaction was given and "pancho I hate you." These heroes shake like strippers because of words, but they will actually fight if their enemies with guns and weapons. They just don't waste too much time with writing. When that assyrian boxer got knocked out by Omar Sheikh, the heroes said it's hard for assyrians to follow rules and regulations. He is a street fighter and would win outside the ring. Just like arrow would fight arabs if only he had weapons or jumblat would debate kelly ross.

As I have always said in the past, these people do most of the work for us and we just help a little and enjoy watching them undress, at least I do.


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