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=> was it Christianity made us drop those atom bombs?

was it Christianity made us drop those atom bombs?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, May 25 2012, 17:09:27 (UTC)
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...or the fact that we wanted to end a war, supposedly, so that "more Americans didnīt die"? I suggest that not only wasnīt it our Christian faith that made us drop those bombs, or engage in a "suicide mission" to bomb Tokyo earlier, but rather a fact of war you kill people and in the modern era you donīt just go after soldiers but their families as well....

Why do we blame Islam for producing the kinds of people who would set off an atom bomb, also to "save the lives of their own people"? Why wouldnīt it be a tactical decision, having nothing to do with religion at our use of them had nothing to do with our religion?

This is plainly as it ever is even CALLED a war...a war against terrorism. In war people get KILLED...women and children get TARGETED....deliberately...and, nuclear weapons have been known to be used against an enemy in order to "save lives".

Why canīt Muslims take a lesson from Christians?


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