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"we are assyrians because..." Fact vs Opinion
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, August 25 2013, 6:04:32 (UTC)
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OPINION: "We know we are assyrians because we speak the language of the Assyrians".

FACT: We speak Aramaic, the language of the Arameans, so if language is to be the deciding factor, we are Arameans not assyrians. The Assyrian language is Akkadian, which none of us "remembered" and couldn't read when it was discovered.

OPINION: "Many of us were born in Assyria".

FACT: There is no Assyria...just as there is no Gaul...or Angle-land etc. It stopped being Assyria long ago. Those of us born in "assyria" were born in Iraq...we have no officially recognized document saying we were born in Assyria.

OPINION: "Many people recognize us as Assyrians".

FACT: Many don't, and as it can't be proven(see above)it remains an opinion.

OPINION: Those are real Assyrian artifacts in museums".

FACT: Those belong to the ancient Assyrians, which no one disputes.

OPINION: "We don;t have to prove who we are, no one else has to".

FACT: Everyone has to be able to prove nationality through officially recognized documents...and assyrians have none.

OPINION: "We LIKE saying we are Assyrians".

FACT: That's a fact, but it doesn't MAKE you Assyrians.

....and so it goes. The whole thing is a farce...just look at the people who champion these opinions.


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