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Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 00:48:23 -0500
From: (Ghassan Hanna)
Subject: Protesting Kelley Ross's Response to Assyrians


>Dear Administrator,
>As a Chaldean American community activist, and a US Census Bureau member
of "Chaldean/Assyrian Group of Experts for Census 2000" as well as the
webmaster of "Chaldeans On Line" ( I find
Mr. Ross remarks about my Chaldean/Assyrian Fathers as greatly offensive,
prejudicial, and sure crosses the line of a simple "scholarly discussion".
>There sure is a difference between discussing some unacceptable practices
of a certain people in the context of a complete discussion of all their
other positive contributions to humanity (in the case of the Assyrians and
Chaldean/Babylonians of antiquity is surely tremendous and still felt as of
today) and between simply "concentrating" with venom, if I may add, on
their excessive practices as defined by today's standards of morality and
the rage they could bring with.
>What the Assyrians of Antiquity have done towards their enemies hardly
surpasses the cruelty of the Romans. Actually, I will even dear to say the
Romans surpassed all in their cruelty and thirst for blood and destruction.
However, I have never come across any website, movie, or article that
simply concentrate such amount of hatred (what Mr. Ross calls a "scholarly
discussion") as well as uses so many offensive terms in describing those
Romans (the real killers of Christians) who went as far as developing a
"sport" called "feed the Christians to the lions alive".
>Saying that, I sure find Mr. Ross advice to Assyrian Christians not to
associate with their Fathers' "not Christian heritage" as surely another
uncalled for insult. Actually, I advice him, instead, to concentrate his
efforts on the glorification and presentation of those Roman murders of
Christians in Western history books as well as in mass media as "highly
civilized conquerors" which young generation of Westerners are encouraged
to look at as examples to follow. He sure could do the general student
body, and the community in general, a service and he sure would reach a
much larger audience than the few remnants of those Assyrians who
contributed so much to Western civilization as well as humankind in general.
>Mr. Ross should always remember that whenever he looks at his watch to
check time, its division to 60 minutes, 12 hours, 7 days of week.. etc was
due to the genius of the Mesopotamian civilization which the Assyrians of
Antiquity were one of its vanguards.
>Let us all call the spade, spade. Mr. Ross is surely a racist.
>Ghassan Hanna
>The responses that concerned Assyrians have received from Mister Ross and
Mister Marzillier regarding the offensive and anti Assyrian article written
by Mister Ross for his Assyrian students have been inadequate, offensive
and condescending. The response has not addressed the issue of Mister
Ross's anti-Assyrian views and his violation of Paragraph II of the
L.A.V.C. "Academic Rights and Responsibilities: A Statement on Faculty
Ethics" code. When Mister Ross compares Assyrians to Nazis and belittles,
insults and ridicules Assyrians, how can this not be construed as
disrespect for his Assyrian students (and a violation of Paragraph II)?
>Mister Ross, Mister Marzillier and the President of the L.A. Valley
College have shown a great insensitivity toward Assyrians in dealing with
this issue. They have not apologized for their anti-Assyrian views and have
not indicated that such views will not be promoted or taught in the future
by Mister Ross or any other faculty member. We believe that it is improper
for a tax-payer funded school to promote hatred of any group.
>Assyrian organizations such as the Assyrian Academic Society or the
Assyrian American National Federation can provide Mister Ross with ample
historically correct and culturally sensitive material for his students.
Please contact the Assyrian Academic Society ( or the Assyrian
American National Federation (, for further information.
>Ghassan Hanna
>Union City, CA
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 15:02:26 -0700
From: Ghassan Hanna <>

Subject: Chaldeans and your "Note on Modern Assyrians"

> Dear Dr. Ross,
>"". That says a lot about your academic integrity, as well as sends a clear
>message to people like myself who protested the tone of your original
>article. By your above action, you sure proved me wrong. Hence, please
>accept my apology for calling you a racist in my protest letter.
>"""" website ( I have also published
>several articles on issues concerning Chaldeans, Syriacs, and Assyrians of
> To start with, you have chosen to lump sum all the people whom you’re
>discussing under the title of “Assyrians”. A terminology that so far has
>not been agreed on by the communities whose heritage is that of
>Mesopotamia, namely, Chaldean, Syriac, and what is known as Assyrian
>community (consist mainly of followers of the Assyrian Church of the East
>and represent the smallest of the three, with Chaldean being the largest).
> Having been a member of the US Census Bureau deliberations on how to
>tabularize Americans of Mesopotamian heritage, I would like to direct you
>to my extensive documents on the subject which you could find at:
> In brief, the Chaldean community representatives objected to the US Census
>Bureau categorization of their community under the Assyrian name as was
>done (without their consultation) during the US Census 1990 (Chaldeans in
>general associate the Assyrian name with Nestorians, however, there is a
>teeny tiny minority of them that looks at it as a national name also).
>After long deliberations, I suggested a compromise of
>Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac as the new heading for the Census Category instead
>of the only “Assyrian” one.
> While such a step got the approval of the representatives of the Chaldean
>and Syriac communities as well as that of the Assyrians present, the
>reaction inside the Assyrian (Nestorian) community was extremely bitter and
>angry. Members of that community (brainwashed by a political ideology
>called “Assyrianism”) believe that all other communities must give up their
>historical names in favor of the “Assyrian” one. Actually, majority members
>of the community feel uncomfortable if they were referred to as “Chaldeans”
>or “Syriacs” (just as members of the later two communities feel when
>referred to as “Assyrians”).
> This angry reaction led to unsuccessful long court proceedings against the
>US Census Bureau led by certain groups within the Assyrian community. Other
>groups within that community started arguing against such move and worked
>hard on calming down that negative reaction. Efforts that finally bore
>fruits. Once again, you can go over the details of that controversy in my
>above referenced Internet link.
> Being the person that suggested the new title for the US Census 2000
>categorization and lobbied very hard for its adoption, I got my own share
>of that angry reaction, smear campaign, as well as plenty of
>name-callings!! Actually, many of Assyrianism followers still look at me
>with animosity despite the fact that I strongly believe what I did was
>presenting the most acceptable solution for all the three communities.
>Actually, if it was not adopted, it would have forced the Chaldeans to seek
>a separate category for themselves, especially after being recognized by
>the US Census Bureau as distinct from the Assyrians. I still believe that
>my compromise was for the best of my people, and I am very proud of it.
> Having been made aware of the name issue background, I am once again
>requesting your reasoning behind your usage of the term “Assyrian” to refer
>to ALL the people of Mesopotamian heritage. Please, do not misunderstand my
>point as meant I don’t believe that those three communities constitute
>members of the same nation. On the contrary, they definitely do. My point
>is; we have a “name problem” due to historical reasons. We have not yet
>resolved this issue among ourselves. Your decision of using the term
>“Assyrian” to refer to all of us could well be interpreted as “an academic”
>approval of such final name for my nation. I am sure, the followers of
>Assyrianism would then use you as “another proof” to validate their push
>for the Assyrian name.
> Hence, I would appreciate it if you use the US Census Bureau designation
>of Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac when referring to members of my nation (unless,
>of course you could prove that your choice of “Assyrian” could be backed up
>by academic research). All in the hope that members of my nation would find
>the wisdom to sit together and agree on an all-encompassing name to refer
>to themselves. Till then, I would like to satisfy all the members of the
>three communities of my nation by using all their beautiful names whenever
>I refer to my one-nation. I hope you join me in this.
> Along the same lines of the name issue, I would like to take exception to
>this paragraph in your “Note on Modern Assyrian”:
>"" These are basically Syriac/Assyrians who have entered into doctrinal
>communion with the Roman Catholic Church (the term was chosen in 1445 by
>Pope Eugenius IV, though it seems to have been used earlier with other,
>interchangeable terms for the Assyrians)..”
> Pope Eugene IV DID NOT choose the term Chaldean as you claim, but it was
>the name of the people whom Bishop Timthawes of Cypress represented his
>allegiance and conversion to Catholicism under. Please, read my discussion
>of the subject at:
> in which you’ll come across a translation of the correspondence of Bishop
>Timthawes of the Nestorian Chaldeans of Cypress and Pope Eugene IV. Pope
>Eugene simply called the Chaldean Nestorians converting to Catholicism by
>their own ethnic name as they referred to themselves. Actually, wouldn’t
>you think it would be very odd (to say the least) that a Catholic Pope pick
>a name of a pagan people i.e. the Chaldeans to refer to his newly converted
>Catholic subjects? Why not simply call them “Catholics”? Why take the
>trouble to “choose” or “re-invent” the name of the pagan Chaldean people of
>Antiquity? A name that was even used by the Greeks in a derogatory manner
>to mean “soothsayers” and “astrologers”.
> What you’re propagating here is actually the backbone of the “Assyrianism”
>political movement attack against the validity of the Chaldean name as a
>national name for my people. An argument that was proven wrong time and
>time again. Please, read my articles posted on “Chaldeans Discussion Forum”:
> also,
> You’ll see many references that enrich the discussion of the subject matter.
> One more point to make, the patriarchs of the “Shamoun lineage” of the
>Nestorian half of the Church of the East (what’s known today as Assyrian
>Church of the East) between 1670 and till 1975 used to employ a 300-years
>old seal with the followings inscriptions “The weak Shamoun, Patriarch of
>the Chaldeans”. A document showing this seal used in 1933 by Patriarch
>Shamoun which while signing his name as “Patriarch of the Assyrians” in
>English uses the ancient seal that proclaims him as “Patriarch of the
>Chaldeans” as stated in Aramaic/Syriac language.
> The point here is simple, NO Nestorian Patriarch would refer to himself
>and his people as “Chaldeans” if according to you, the Chaldean name was
>“invented” or “chosen” by a Catholic Pope to mean Catholics!!
>"". I guess, I only wanted to drive my point hard that I do not agree with
>your first part.
> Finally, thank you for attempting to understand the different complex
>issues surrounding a nation as ancient as mine. I have to admit from one
>side we’re the most documented nation, and from the other due to this vast
>documentation there exist so many contradicting statements by different
>historians (or would be ones). The fact is still bright; we’re the
>descendents of ALL the native people of Mesopotamia, being Assyrians,
>Babylonians/Chaldeans, Arameans, Sumerian and other inhabitants of
>Mankind’s Cradle of Civilization.
> Credit goes to Christianity that was instrumental in molding all those
>native people into one group, distinguished by its language, heritage, and
>different religion than that of the ruling circles of Mesopotamia being the
>Zoroastrian Persians or later on the Muslim Arabs.
> Actually, the Arab Muslims occupation of Mesopotamia was instrumental in
>“freezing” the Mesopotamian “blood line” of my people (to a very large
>degree). For Islam did not allow conversion from its followers to other
>religions. Anyone who did that was killed. Islam only accepted a one-way
>conversion; from my Mesopotamian people and others into its fold. A policy
>that is still used in Muslim countries with varying degrees of punishment
>of the Muslims who change their religion.
> This is another long subject, which I will leave for now.
> To cover some other issues concerning my people, and if interested, I
>would like to leave you with the following published articles of mine.
> 1. One Nation..Two Names: The Assyrian/Chaldean Dilemma
> 2. For Assyrian/Chaldean National Rights in Beth Nahrain
> 3. The Chaldeans/Assyrians Under the Arab Baath Regime of Iraq
> One more time, thank you for attempting to approach the history and
>identity of my Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac people using academic standards. I
>am sure you’ll try your best to succeed in that task. Also, please, feel
>free to critic any of my thoughts in any of my articles.
> Thank you for taking the time to read this letter of mine. Wishing you all
>the best.
> Sincerely,
> Ghassan Hanna
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 16:07:44 -0800
To: Ghassan Hanna <>
From: "Kelley L. Ross" <>
Subject: Re: Chaldeans and your "Note on Modern Assyrians"
In-Reply-To: <>

>Dear Ghassan Hanna,
>Thank you for writing. I am very pleased to have your information. I
have perhaps too carelessly been using "Assyrian" to refer to all Eastern
Syriac speaking people. It was just a convenience and, as you make clear,
probably unfortunate considering the support it would give for the
"Assyrianism" case. I was also becoming aware that the Pope did not choose
the term "Chaldean" for the Mesopotamian Christians who entered into
communion with Rome. My page does need to be reworded in that respect.
>As you are someone who rejects identification with either ancient or
modern Assyrians, and has apparently endured some rough treatment from
them, I would be interested in any other objections you may have had to the
original discussion of the "Assyrianism" claims on the page.
>Yours truly,
>Kelley Ross
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 15:00:27 -0800
Ghassan Hanna <>
"Kelley L. Ross" <>
Re: Chaldeans and your "Note on Modern Assyrians"
In-Reply-To: <>
References: <>>
>Dear Ghassan Hanna,
>Did you leave a message on my office phone yesterday (Tuesday) or today
(Wednesday)? There was static on the line (from the college phone system)
and I wasn't sure of the name, and I didn't get the extension number right
to call you back.
>If that was your message, Dr. Wieder is the president of my college. Mr.
Parhad has been dealing with her to arrange the debate he wants to have
with me in September. I don't know what he has been saying at the Assyrian
website forum, since I don't look at it. I haven't heard from him myself
since before the meeting at the college last Tuesday.
>Yours truly,
>Kelley Ross
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 23:07:48 -0700
To: "Kelley L. Ross" <>
From: Ghassan Hanna <>
Subject: Re: Chaldeans and your "Note on Modern Assyrians"
>Dear Dr. Ross,
>Thank you for getting back to me. Yes, that was me. I left you a message
>this Wednesday morning.
>Mr. Parhad has been writing many posts (well, he averages anywhere between
>10-20 messages per day) on Assyrian Forum in which he's claiming that he
>has written you, as well as Dr. Wieder, letters about me and how "an evil
>person I am"! Actually, even "Saddam Hussein agent" !!
>Anyway, I was getting a little frustrated by that fellow's acts. Actually,
>I feel some what disappointed that you have accepted to "debate him". I
>mean, come on, a university professor debating a high school drop out whose
>road to fame on those Forums was his usage of foul mouth terminology. I
>have to admit, Parhad would not have felt "the jungle master" he feels
>today (the reason why he's acting so aggressive with me), if it wasn't your
>accepting to "debate him". That sure shot his ego sky high.
>After his agreement with you, he started posting messages on Assyrian Forum
>"demanding" a "public debate with me too". Come on, Kelley, what have I
>done to you to pump up the ego of this loser and turn him against me!!
>Well, sorry, unlike you, I wasn't a "gentleman". I simply told him off by
>subjecting him to a "reality shock therapy". You see, he does have a huge
>ego, and I really had to work out his inner inferiority complex and push it
>out to the surface. He shot back by leaving another message at my employer
>complaining about me!! He's such a character.
>Well, I am talking to couple of lawyers so as to find the legal way to get
>him stop from calling my employer (whom by the way are very supportive and
>understanding of my situation). However, one lawyer simply advised me
>"sometimes you have to decide for yourself; how far you want to deal with
>crazy people? You might end up being one yourself"!!
>Meanwhile, I am working very hard with my Chaldean community to take a
>"community position" against the intimidating and aggressive tactics
>employed by members of the Assyrian community that follow "Assyrianism". So
>far I have secured several commitments from other leaders of my Chaldean
>community to show public support for me in the face of this slander,
>harassment, and "Parhadism"!!
>By the way, this "Chaldean Assyrian Academic Freedom Committee" that Parhad
>created two weeks ago and seems he's signing under, has NO Chaldean member
>in it at all. Chaldeans would never join Parhad knowing his acts towards me
>as well as his "personality profile". That will put that Chaldean in the
>position of an "outcast". I really doubt it that any Chaldean would join a
>committee that Parhad is a member of, let alone its leader.
>Well, when I questioned Parhad publicly as to "who is the Chaldean member
>of his committee?" He said "Me. Parhad"?! Well, you see Parhad claims one
>of his grandfathers was Chaldean (all others are Assyrians), so I guess
>that gives him the right to register his "deceased Chaldean grandfather as
>a member of his committee"!!
>OK. Enough of Parhad. I am still interested in finding out whether you have
>reached the conclusion to change the name you're using to call my people
>from "Assyrians" to "Mesopotamians" or US Census Bureau categorization of
>"Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac". Also, the issue I raised with you about your
>remark regarding the Chaldeans.
>I will appreciate some insight into "your brain" and if you plan to redo
>your webpage to reflect those changes, if any.
>Ghassan Hanna
>my work number is: (4XX) XXX-XXXX Ext. XXXX
>At 04:00 PM 6/6/01 -0700, you wrote:
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 09:41:14 -0700
To: "Kelley L. Ross" <>
From: Ghassan Hanna <>
Subject: Re: Chaldeans and your "Note on Modern Assyrians"
>Dear Dr. Ross,
>Thank you for your email.
>I truly appreciate your new position as to the need to change using the
>"Assyrian" term in reference to all of my people ("Mesopotamians" describe
>us much better), as well as the inaccurate characterization of the Chaldean
>name as being "chosen" by the Catholic Church. I hope you also had the time
>to go over the many references (i.e. internet links) I mentioned in my
>previous email about those two points.
>On another note, I have to take exception to your characterization of me
>"As you are someone who rejects identification with either ancient or
>modern Assyrians". Actually, I very much do associate myself with the
>ancient Assyrians (I guess that's why I signed the protest letter against
>your original characterization of "one" of my ancestors, the Assyrians of
>Antiquity, in a variety of negative remarks). My objection to your original
>paper was mainly because you looked at this part of my ancestors in "one
>dimension only", even a distorted one. You did not attempt to look at them
>from the side in which they contributed so much to the Mesopotamian
>civilization, and hence, to Mankind civilization. In other words, when
>approaching a topic, one must treat a subject in its TOTALITY view.
>Definitely not by relying on a "religious view point", which I believe was
>your case. Sorry, I could be well wrong here, but that's how you came
>across to me.
>I seriously believe that you approached the subject of the Assyrians of
>Antiquity more from the religious distortions of the Old Testament. A book
>that hardly servers as a scientific source of historical events. Actually,
>its Jewish authors justified their own massacres of their enemies as "God's
>inspired" while reserved the most hatred for their tormentors at the time,
>the Assyrians and Chaldeans of Antiquity.
>Actually, this is the problem that many of us, the Mesopotamian Christians
>face whether with our own priests as well as with the prejudicial remarks
>we hear in the Christian West about our Fathers, the Assyrians and
>Babylonian/Chaldeans of Antiquity.
>In any case, among the followers of the Church of the East (i.e. Chaldeans
>and Assyrians), the Old Testament is generally looked at in a "very
>selective manner" where anything getting to do with historical events are
>discarded as "Jewish biased views" that do not stand historical scrutiny,
>while other remarks in it are still treated as "Word of God".
>Actually, I have asked many of my Chaldean Catholic priests about a Vatican
>document that states its position as to all the historical inaccuracies of
>the Old Testament, the only respond I got is "there is no specific
>document, but the Vatican does recognize the historical shortcomings of the
>Old Testament".
>The many books I've read, written by archeologists, who treated the "over
>blown" description of the cruelty of the Assyrians of Antiquity, do not
>agree with such statement. On the other hand, if we apply today's morality
>standards, hardly any ruler of the ancient would be characterized anything
>less than "savage, and bloody thirsty".
>Saying that, could you please, give me your views as to why you believe
>that the Romans are so "favorably" treated in Western culture (books,
>movies, ..etc) while they sure could entered the Christian history as
>developing a sport called "Feed the Christians to the Lions alive"!! Let
>alone the Romans developed one of the ugliest systems of slavery. I sure
>see here a double standards in treating the Romans versus the Assyrians of
>Antiquity who mainly relied on "displacement" of rebels from their lands to
>be employed to serve the State in big camps rather than be sold on
>individual bases, unlike the cruel and complex system of the Roman slavery.
>In brief, my position is I believe the current days Christians of
>Mesopotamia are descendents of ALL the ancient people of Mesopotamia and
>not "simply of Assyrians" as this Assyrianism claims in a very aggressive
>and intimidating manner. An approach that has polarized the majority within
>the Chaldean and Syriac (Aramean) communities.
>Speaking of which, I am currently being subjected to acts of intimidation,
>slander, and defamation of character. Mr. Fred Parhad whom you have dealt
>with seems to have been encouraged by few Assyrianism followers to direct
>his energies into contacting my employer as well as posting many messages
>on the Internet mainly to intimidate me and force me to stop from
>expressing the Chaldean viewpoint or attacking the approach of Assyrianism.
>I presume they feel my efforts in developing a Chaldean position is
>becoming very effective that they simply want to shut me up any way they
>Assyrianism choice seems to have fallen on Mr. Fred Parhad to debate you.
>That is a high school drop out, a perpetually unemployed artist, and an
>individual that has been banned currently from posting in two forums (the
>"Beth Suryoyo Othuroyo Forum" which means "House of the Syriac Assyrians"
>and from my "Chaldeans Discussion Forum". Actually even from the "Assyrian
>Forum" itself at one time, before he was championed back when I banned him
>from my website. An act that made him turns his vulgarity against me,
>something that was welcomed by Assyrianism followers. Actually, I compiled
>a list of Mr. Parhad vulgarity which you can see on this link:
>That is Mr. Parhad was originally banned (due to his aggressive attitude
>and usage of uncivilized language) from the "Assyrian Forum", then from
>another "Syriac Assyrian Forum", then I banned him from my "Chaldeans
>Forum" when he moved to it, at which point the people behind the Assyrian
>Forum welcomed him back after he started expressing his real self towards me.
>If you follow the main page of the Forum, you'll also come across my
>response to a letter of intimidation posted by Mr. Parhad and some phony
>group called "Chaldean Assyrian Academic Freedom Committee" on Assyrian
>Forum demanding that I cease expressing my Chaldean views or they will
>slander me and smear my reputation in front of my employer so as get me
>lose my job!!
>Sorry, for going in a tangent here. I guess I just wanted to give "more
>credit" to your remark that I "apparently endured some rough treatment from
>Well, let me give you some background about myself; I am a senior technical
>person (title is "Sr. Technical Staff Specialist") in my company "Kaiser
>Electronics", a defense contractor. Have been previously an engineering
>manager for 7 years in different companies and have over 20 years of
>industry experience. I have two master degrees in EE and MBA and actually
>dropped out of a PhD program in EE after completing half the course
>requirement. I also taught at community college and have a life Teaching
>Certificate in EE from the State of Arizona.
>I presume you're also aware by now of my Chaldean community activities and
>my long interest in the history and politics of my Mesopotamian people. An
>expertise that's obviously being perceived as extremely dangerous for
>Thank you once again for this correspondence and exchange of views. Please,
>feel free to contact at work at (XXX) XXX-XXXX Ext. XXXX if you have any
>questions about me or about the subject matter.
>Ghassan Hanna
>At 05:07 PM 6/4/01 -0700, you wrote:
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 13:27:38 -0800
To: Ghassan Hanna <>
From: "Kelley L. Ross" <>
Subject: Re: Chaldeans
>In-Reply-To: <>
>References: <>
>Dear Mr. Hanna,
>I've updated my description of the Chaldeans just a few minutes ago.
Sorry I hadn't gotten to it earlier.
>I've received no communications lately from Mr. Parhad, and don't intend
to answer any that he sends. I went along with the President of my College
to debate Mr. Parhad, deferring to her judgment that it would be better for
the College. However, I do not really think that is the case, and the
members of our History Department (whose Chair is actually an Assyrian, and
a friend of mine) are strenuously objecting to such a debate. Since the
event will not happen before September, it is very much an open question
whether it will come off -- though you might avoid saying so to Mr. Parhad.
>If you feel that you and the Chaldean community are being misrepresented
by Mr. Parhad, especially to President Wieder, you should say so, both to
her and to Leon Marzillier. I would suggest a letter as well as e-mail,
since I think they have begun routinely deleting e-mails about all this
business, since the Assyrian protest e-mails keep coming in every day.
>Yours truly,
>Kelley Ross
Fri, 08 Jun 2001 12:36:37 -0700
To: "Kelley L. Ross" <>
From: Ghassan Hanna <>
Subject: Re: Chaldeans
>Dear Dr. Ross,
>Thank you very much for updating the essay. I will be informing other
>members of my community as to this action of yours. I am sure they'll all
>be pleased and thankful.
>Unfortunately, I do not have Dr. Weider email address. I did once
>correspond with Mr. Marzillier when I sent him an apology letter for all
>the dirty emails you and College Staff received from some ill mannered
>By the way, Mr. Parhad published, on Wednesday, on Assyrian Forum a letter
>he received from Dr. Weider re-stating her acceptance of the debate between
>you two. You can read her letter on this link:
>Awaiting Dr. Weider email address.
>Thank you,
>ps: Few minutes ago, I received a phone call from a Chaldean magazine
>Editor in San Diego informing me that he has written an Editorial
>condemning the intimidation tactics employed by some Assyrianism followers
>against me (case of Fred Parhad calling my employer). This is the first in
>a series of responses that I agreed on with other leaders of my Chaldean
>community to stand up against such intimidating tactics.
>At 10:25 AM 6/8/01 -0700, you wrote:
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 11:44:06 -0700
From: Ghassan Hanna <>
Subject: Fred Parhad and the campaign against Dr. Ross
> Dear Dr. Tyree Weider,
> I am writing to you with regard to your recent letter that was sent to Mr.
>Fred Parhad (posted by Mr. Parhad on “Assyrian Forum” )
> in which you stated that Mr. Parhad has presented himself to you and other
>Staff members of Los Angeles Valley College as “representative” of a
>so-called “Chaldean Assyrian Academic Freedom Committee”, a phony group
>created by Mr. Parhad on the occasion of the protest letters that were sent
>on Dr. Ross essay “Note on Modern Assyrians”. Since which, Dr. Ross has
>graciously accepted to modify major parts of that essay as a reflection of
>his academic integrity and ability to tackle issues as new facts are
> As a Chaldean community activist, as a member of the US Census Bureau
>“Chaldean/Assyrian Group of Experts for Census 2000”, and as a Chaldean
>writer as well as the Webmaster of the largest Chaldean website “Chaldeans
>On Line” ( which averages over 850 visits 
>per day, I can assure you that there is NO Chaldean member of Mr. Parhad
>phony group.
> Mr. Parhad is supported by a group of Assyrians who follow a political
>ideology that defines itself as “Assyrianism”. Mr. Parhad’s ploy of adding
>the good name of the Chaldeans to his group is merely an attempt to drag
>the Chaldean community in his own ventures. The Chaldean community, as I
>have discussed the issue with many of its leaders, believe that what has
>been done to Dr. Ross is a completely over blown and unacceptable reaction
>that could have been settled in varieties of different, less controversial
>ways. Actually, couple of weeks ago I posted a message on the “Chaldeans
>Discussion Forum” asking all Chaldeans to stop signing the protest letters
>that are still being organized by Mr. Parhad Assyrian backers.
> When questioning publicly Mr. Parhad as to the name of “any Chaldean”
>member of his phony group, Mr. Parhad claimed “he’s a Chaldean!! since one
>of his grandfathers was a Chaldean (all others Assyrians)”. In other words,
>I presume Mr. Parhad is using the name of his deceased grandfather as a
>“Chaldean member” of his group!!
> To give you some idea why the Chaldean community feels quite offended by
>Mr. Parhad usage of its good name, I suggest you read the following
>compilation of the dirty words that Mr. Parhad seems to love to use as his
>means to a “conflict resolution”.
> It is Mr. Parhad’s inability to keep to a civil conduct that had him,
>originally, be banned from the “Assyrian Forum”, then from “Syriac
>Assyrians Forum” and then from my “Chaldeans Forum” at which point he
>turned his vulgarity against me, which got him the approval of Assyrianism
>followers at the Assyrian Forum, so he was welcomed back there.
> Actually, today in his comments on my post informing the Chaldean readers
>that Dr. Ross has made some modifications to certain remarks about the
>Chaldeans, Mr. Parhad called me and Dr. Ross as “assess” and “stupid”.
>Actually, this is another proof for me of the obscene thought that a
>high-school drop out and a perpetually unemployed artist, is allowed to
>“debate publicly” a Philosophy Professor!
> Please, read this post of Mr. Parhad on Assyrian Forum of Sunday, June 10,
> One more thing, Mr. Parhad claims that he has “warned you” about letters
>from an “evil person and even Saddam Hussein’s agent called Ghassan Hanna”
>(that’s me) as well as made an agreement with you to “pass along” to him a
>copy of any letter you receive from me. I sure can‘t substantiate his
>claims, but I can assure you that I have no problem with posting this
>letter of mine publicly, if you wish me to. Mr. Parhad is well aware of my
>opinion of him.
> Finally, I would like to make it crystal clear to you and your staff that
>Mr. Parhad represents neither any Chaldean group nor is authorized to speak
>on behalf of the Chaldean community.
> Sincerely,
> Ghassan Hanna
> (408) 432-3000 Ext. 1548 (Work)
> cc:
> Chaldean Federation of America
> Chaldean Americans Reaching and Encouraging (CARE)
> Mar Dr. Ibrahim Ibrahim, US Bishop of the Chaldean Church of the East
> Editor - Chaldean Detroit Times
> Editor - Chaldean Voice Magazine
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 13:27:15 -0700
From: Ghassan Hanna <>
X-Accept-Language: en
Subject: referenced Post by Mr. Parhad removed
>Dear Dr. Weider, It seems the Moderator of the "Assyrian Forum" has done a
>"house sweep clean" in which he deleted most of the messages on his forum,
>among them is the message posted by Mr. Fred Parhad in which I referenced
>in my previous email under: and
>in which Mr. Parhad has called me and Dr. Ross as "asses" and "stupid".
>Luckily, I did save a copy of that post which I am enclosing in its
>electronic HTML format (for authenticity). Thank you, Ghassan Hanna
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> Funny Posted by parhad on Sunday, 10 June 2001, at 10:03 a.m. Here you
>have the spectacle of Ross making one comment about Chaldeans, based on
>what, we don't know...another "church" fact. The Ghassman takes umbrage,
>writes to Ross with ANOTHER churchman's opinion, and Ross modifies his
>comments in accordance with what The Ghassman asserts to be a better
>"truth". The truth is neither of these guys know what they are talking
>about. These people all accept as "truth" whatever the bible wishes to
>dish out. Where's the proof? What happened to "logic" and "reason"
>they NOT apply when you use a creed that allows you to kill and rape
>non-"believers"...and will they "quibble" for proof about OUR assertion
>that we are who we are? Why should it be a "victory" for The Ghassman to
>have Ross agree with him, or modify anything? These guys ALL know nothing
>of what they claim to "prove" or "disprove". It's ALL emotional. They FEEL
>this to be true or false...they can't prove a damn thing...except what
>asses they are for thinking all of us would be taken in... as if this were
>"science" and "facts" they try to peddle. Jeez...not EVERYONE is as stupid
>as they are!
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><><><><>Why should it be a "victory" for The Ghassman to have Ross agree
>with him, or modify anything? These guys ALL know nothing of what they
>claim to "prove" or "disprove". It's ALL emotional. They FEEL this to be
>true or false...they can't prove a damn thing...except what asses they are
>for thinking all of us would be taken in... as if this were "science" and
>"facts" they try to peddle. Jeez...not EVERYONE is as stupid as they are!
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