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You have shown your naked Andre AS

Posted by Ir@qi on September 03, 2001 at 05:00:03:

In Reply to: Help yourself! Think yourself! This is not a service station ... posted by andreas on September 03, 2001 at 02:12:55:

Fuhrer Andre AS,

I was wondering why a Christian fanatic German, would be collaborating with Muslim fanatic Kurd like R. M. Ahmad ? Well it will all become clear when one knows that Ahmad is a supporter of the
$ 97 Million Iraqi Opposition (INC), which openly support the sanctions and the bombing of Iraq, and you do your part by setting the Assyrian people against their Home Land, as you often do under different titles.
R.M. Ahmad article is from the Al-Aussat (a Saudi paper) this is like expecting the Natzi Media to be fair with the Jews.
But frankly even if every word in that article is true then I do not see anything wrong there. Knowing the criminal Kurdish leaders, how they stabbed Iraq in the back (and have been doing it for years), how they stabbed the Turkish Kurds (PKK) in the back, and how they treat the Assyrian, and even their own Kurds (Tax, killing between KDP and PUK...), I too would like to replace these leaders with street dogs, who are likely to be more faithful.
Look at the Kurds of North Iraq they are running away from "Free Democratic Kurdistan in leaky boats, preferring to be eaten by sharks than to be under Barzani and Talbani "Free Government".
And if you care so much about the Kurds why don't you put pressure on your government who has a lot of influence on Turkey, to stop treating the Kurds in Turkey worse than the criminal Saddam treated them in Iraq.
Ohhh !! that is right you do not want the Kurds either, and you will want them less if they stab you in the back.
Then Help yourself and leave Iraq alone, it is not your service station or your "Gas Station"

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