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Posted by parhad on September 03, 2001 at 10:15:44:

It's amazing how this thing played out. Right there in a political meeting, just after John Nimrod finished talking about the need to put aside all personal squabbles and come together so people will "know about us" when he goes to Washington to represent us, (as he's going to do asnyway)...I asked why he has blocked the installation of a monument for six years that would have helped do exactly what he said he wanted to achieve...asked it in at least a similar manner to the way questions get asked among these boys, and Jackie rushes security over to have me removed. When I asked her that she of all people would do that she said..."yes because you are disrupting the meeting"...meaning her meeting, her show, her resume' enhancing convention. Later that evening when my mother talked to her, asking why a contract was given me at the last minute when this had never been done before, Jackie said because they have had a lot of trouble in years which my mother answered that the trouble had never come from the artists but from drunken louts and which Jackie had no answer.

I've been attending their meetings and delegates meetings for 24 that time I've heard people threaten from the mike to cut the fingers off of one the same convention in Mosdesto that elected Sargon Lewie president, I saw him get into a "fight" with another guy at the delegates meetings. I asked a simple question, a question that has deserved a frank and honest answer for these several years.

Of course he never answered me directly, but on the next question...after once again explaining how he plans on representing us all, he added a sidebar, though they whispered for him not to...he said that he was ready to have ther statue go wherever the Mayor of Chicago says it can. He knows damn well the Mayor has no desire to meet with this chump who impresses us so much, that the Mayor has no authority in these matters and is hardly going to get involved in a matter so well and ably handled by people assigned to do the task...The Public Arts Committee. He's been giving the same lame excuse for six years until we don't know which Mayor he plans to meet with.

For six years he's been promising to "have coffee with the mayor and solve this thing". He said it last when Jackie and I met with him a year ago...the same meeting at which he told her the Arts Council of Chicago TOLD HIM they would consider his alternte proposals for a site for the Shumiruym. I told Jackie then he was lying and called Ms Mizwicki at the Arts Council the next day to have her tell me they had said no such fact they'd told John they would not even discuss the monument at their meeting unless he wrote a letter to them taking back his threat of a lawsuit. Outside the meeting room Jackie said to me.."what do yiou want me to want me to bring John out here and have us settle this?" I said yeah sure, of course she never brought him...that was said for the others gathered around to hear...she already knew he'd lied to her on this subject and also knew no power on earth would bring him to face me..and also that she didn't want it to happen, even as she promised to do it.

They say I am is their lies and deciet and their use of our good name to feather their own nests with, and give them a status and a luster they in no way is this that I "destroy" stop them from destroying our name as they have been doing for years.

When Nimrod was State senator briefly, he would have nothing to do with Assyrians...I know people of ours who worked in his campaign who realized sadly that he kept them all in the back rooms while the white and Jewish neighbors he lived among, were showcased upfront.

Jackie Bejan is using us in the same way...she has nothing but contempt for us as Assyrians...we are a vehicle for her to advance with and through. Any number of times she's told me how her Armenian half knows how to run things for her poor stupid Assyrian half. She could never "lead' ANY Armenian committee or anything...she would have to be a team player, and she isn't that. She comes to us because we're SO low, we'll be flattered and never see the smile of contempt as she deals with our little "sillies".

I don't know how she could have convinced her own vice-president that there is NO Shumirum statue at all. Last night he was arguing the point with my mother...saying I didn't even produce a photograph of it, therefore there is no such thing. It's all an elaborate scheme to defraud the good Assyrians...and that I live by suing people.

But I have to hand it to her, she is clever, not bright, never just or scrupulous, but clever...excellent politician material. The leter that Atour wanted me to sign, was signed by him...not Jackie. She got him to put HIS name and standing on the line, when it was her pique and anger all along that drove this thing. In his earnestness, his desire to prove his competance as a peace maker, Atour signed his name to a document so flagrantly illegal, especially as it was presented to me at the last minute with no chance for review when they KNOW I am being advised by a lawyer...that it will be his ass in the sling...not hers. She NEVER would have signed that thing...she knows better.

On top of that I was told that the Federation people removed the statues NOT Jackie's people from her club in San Jose. She demonstrated how she uses these people left and right and they're so naive and goofey they can't see it. It will be the Federation that will have placed its neck in a noose...not Jackie...even thought SHE instigated the whole thing. The Federation is responsible for removing the sculptures..when the time comes Jackie will smile blankly and say she had nothing to do with it...poor Atour signed the letter...Atour's Federation removed the statues...she was TOO smart to do that...her Armenian half got the Assyrians to do spare her Assyrian half the trouble and embarassment.

Jackie doesn't work for us...she puts us all to work for HER.

I have an e-mail from her assuring me that I will show at this year's convention, among several other pieces of information that she will not be able to answer to...there IS no good reason for what she did. These people are just used to being petty tyrants in basement offices and National Garages and at conventions they especially swell and grow...convinced that because Hotel Security will do anything they ask of them because they "bought" them too for a couple of days, that they have real power and can hand contracts to people and remove people if they don't sign such absurd documents...never thinking that they exist in a legal framework where there are courts of law to protect us from just these sorts of abuses. Turns out Hammurabi was thinking of Jackie...a thug at heart, when he said he must protect the widow and orphan, the weak from the oppression of the strong.

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