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R. M. For President and Chief scientist

Posted by Ir@qi on September 04, 2001 at 23:21:57:

Listen to one of the Iraqi Opposition the Kurdish scientist R. M. Ahmad, who not only want to tell us how to rule Iraq, and want us to fight so intelligent people like him will lead Iraq, but also want to teach us some wizz science.
If you wonder how the US was able to buy these people whole sale for $ 97 million, then look no further. Actually if their US handlers were half intelligent they could have bought these mental retards for a fraction of the price they paid for them. And that is what they did with the Kurds in North Iraq, and in Afghanistan. And this is what Andreas the man who keep quoting and coping the posts of R. M. Ahmad, as if he is the genius, the authority, and the savior of Iraq, and I think andreas is one of these guys, he is on a mission to turn the Assyrian people against their Muslim Iraqi brothers and sisters, and wither he does this because he is a Christian fanatic, or because he is one of these IO handlers, I do not know.
Any way back to his friend R. M. Ahmad, I can understand that he is ignorant in science, but what I can not understand why would he write an article in that subject, and then widely distribute it !!! Of course few Iraqi real scientist made a big joke out of him, and below is the repose of one of them
( michigantiger), and the address of R. M. Ahmad article, I am sure when the US handlers will leave Kurdistan after the Iraqi Oil runs out, R. M. Ahmad will burn his articles to produce electricity, with the assistance of andreas his chief German engineer, of course he will the use the Olympic flame to burn the article, which will use more energy than it will produce.
If you want to laugh some more read this letter which R. M. Ahmad wrote to Saddam :
If this is how the Western educated Iraqi Opposition, and Kurdish leaders are like, imagine how are the M3eediah of the Da3wa Party, and the Bashmergah of Tabazani are like.
I do not blame Saddam for going MAD after governing and dealing with these people for so long.

Author Topic: A Novel Concept to Help Electricity/Energy Supply in Kurdistan
R. M. Ahmad

Response by michigantiger
Dear Mr. R.M. Ahmed
Please find the following comments from someone with a Ph.D. in EE.

quote: (From R.M. Ahmed article)
4-1- Gas: If obtained very cheaply gas can be the most efficient fuel because burns to almost 100% with hardly any smokes produced. In Kurdistan, gas either has to be produced from local raw materials or bought from Government-controlled area, which is not a secure supply source.

This is absolutely false statement. You will never accomplished a 100% efficiency. It is against the law of physics. The efficiency of a gas fired turbine depends on its firing temperature. With a 2,200 F firing temperate and with a combined cycles, you will be lucky to get a 70% efficiency, which is still much better than a boiler (40%).
Second, burning gas is cleaner than burning an oil #6 which is typically used in power plants but it is not a smoke free. The only time the conversion of gas into electricity can be a smoke free if a fuel cell technology is used. Fuel cell technology is very very expensive at the present moment. It runs about 10 times more than the combustion technology.
Third: gas is too expensive compare with oil #6 which is widely used to produce electricity. Gas fired turbines are usually us as a cycling plants due to the short time needed to start them.

4-1-2- Domestic and Industrial Waste: Domestic and Industrial Waste is an important source of energy. It could be burned as it is but it is not efficient. It causes a lot of smoke, slow to burn and possibly it doesn’t give up more than 70-80% of it is real potential energy. The solution is to convert it to gas.

Extracting methane from landfield and converting it into electricity is called biomass. With all the waste of Kurdistan, you can not produce more than a 100 kW. Just enough to supply 10 houses.

4-1-3- Water. Water can be disintegrated to its basic components, hydrogen and oxygen. If the cost allows, both gases are the most efficient and environmentally friendly sources of energy. When they burn, they convert back to water without creating smoke or CO2s. If these gases used to run the electricity generating system as described here, the boiler unit has to be designed in away to dispose water generated inside the unit without causing damage to the unit because of the rust

You will be spending more energy on disassociating Oxygen and Hydrogen than the energy you will be getting from burning the Hydrogen. Again, it is the law of physics. Would it be cheaper to produce hydrogen from gas through fuel cell technologies.

[QUOTE4-2- Sun Energy[/QUOTE]

Civilization need to wait perhaps another 100 years before the methods you described can be commercially and economical feasible in converting the sun energy into electricity. These methods do work in laboratory set up where cost is not an issue. Can you tel me why the USA spends trillion of dollars each year in buy fossil energy if these technologies are somewhat feasible. Unless, the technical capabilities of Kurdstan Iraq are more advanced that that of the USA.

[QUOTE4-3- Wind Energy[/QUOTE]

Forget it. There is not enough wind in Kurdistan to even think about it. Beside, it is very expensive and uneconomical technology. The very a few facilities in the USA are heavily subsidized by the department of energy."


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