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Release our hostages

Posted by Ir@qi on September 05, 2001 at 23:55:25:

In Reply to: Shrouds posted by parhad on September 05, 2001 at 16:18:13:

It is sad to see parhad statues covered and tided up, and then to know that the Assyrians, and other people were not given a chance to see them, enjoy them, and learn from them, and then they are thrown into a dungeon, like trash. These statues were supposed to be re-born on Sunday night, until a squad of free expression bouncers,
decided that they are the law of the land, the law of the hotel and the law of the convention.
Yes these statues are hostages, they are as alive as many people you see walking on foot, actually they have more to tell, to educate, and to benefit than many real worthless humans whom you see every day in bars, and even in high class parties.
I know a women married to a rich man whose only mission and achievement in life is to spend her husband money. Wouldn't you say a statue is more useful than her.
Who has the right to punish these statues ? to punish our history, to punish our pride, just because they got personally upset with the hand which made them.
Assyrians came from all over not just to listen to songs, and dance or see Jaki Christmas tree dress, they came to be in touch with identity, history, their people, and their creativity. parhad statues would have given them much of that, and some more. Jaki may own the hotel, but she doesn't own the Assyrian people who were there, this was not her private cocktail party, these people came to an "Assyrian convention", to see not Jaki, but Assyrian things including Assyrian art, uncovered, and free, and not tide up behind a divider.
More over these statues carry a positive massages about Assyrians to none Assyrians, these songs and dances (as much as I like them) do not.
parhad had gone out of his way to bring out this positive message for the Assyrian, he gave his money, time, sweat, and feelings to make them, he was carrying these statues and hurt his back, and he put up with " BS" from the convention people, and I know his type, he can stand back pain, but not "BS".
I suggest that parhad put up that picture of his tide up statues on the web page entrance, until they are released, and shown to the Assyrian people in the next big Assyrian meeting, or placed in Chicago, or SA.... (that is when they are really free.
I think an attempt is being made to trap parhad, and he should be carefull.
First they involved other people like Alphonso, and the hotel they will say "well it was not just us who were against him", and these people who are involved will help spread misinformation.
Second they involved the police, this way it will be between parhad and the police, and they are out of it, and it is hard to win against the police, and will be unwise to try to challenge them.
They also brought in this the hotel, because the hotel has many resources, and a deep pocket, again I do not think parhad should challenge the hotel, except legally, and after consulting with his attorney.
It is all in an attempt from the people who screwed this up to divert responsibility.
They have wasted parhad opportunity to show his creations, they have wasted his time which he could have been using to make more creations which would have helped all of us.
I think it will be wise of these people to settle with parhad and stop any further damage, I thing they will show more character, and a real leadership if they admit the wrong, and fix it.

: This was one wall. The figures remained covered in shrouds from the time I set them up till Sunday evening. I attached excerpts from the article David provided. People read them. I was told by two people that they very much appreciated the gesture...that's all it was. They had a Genocide conference I couldn't attend. At that conference they went back to 1933 and Simele...and back even further and further...all the while not a word was said about the Genocide being committed against the Assyrian people of Iraq, ALL OF THEM, by the United States government. Collectively, the people at that conference were indirectly involved with extreme acts of inhumanity towards the people and the land of BetNahrain WHILE THEY SAT THERE.

: I don't know of anyone who complained about this, or the shrouds. You could be "wise" and assume I found an excellent marketing technique to hawk my goods with.

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