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Repost: A Hollywood Assyrian's Spindoctoring and Betraying

Posted by andreas on September 06, 2001 at 09:00:31:

In Reply to: Re: On Censoring Andreas posted by parhad on September 06, 2001 at 08:49:12:

A Hollywood Assyrian's Spindoctoring and Betraying

Posted by andreas on September 06, 2001 at 06:31:39:

In Reply to: On Censoring Andreas posted by parhad on September 05, 2001 at 17:01:06:

A Hollywood Assyrian's Spindoctoring and Betraying

You wrote:

: If any actual posts have been deleted it was by accident alone. I can't be bothered to figure out which post is only a one-liner and which is an article he copied from somewhere else.

Well then,

1) There is no unsurmountable obstacle to swiftly and comfortably identifying what's in my posts and there's actually no justification for any mixing up with my 1-liners (which are often sufficient to put your inflated and winding maelstreams of imprecise and unorganized filibustering and sermonizing where they belong - into a NUT-shell):

All my deleted messages carried in a clearly identifiable way either the original title of the news (like in case of Amnesty International) together with the source or a short rewording in case the titles were too long.

2) The actual deletions were far too numerous than to have occurred only by accident or unintentionally and not to be systematic - this holds true just in light of 1) above.

So, your (w)hole story won't fly.
Simply forget it.

As for the rest of your proganda diatribes:
Obviously you need them for building your rhetoric parallel-universe as a cosy substitute niche for the reality you can neither understand and/or handle.

There are meaningless to any serious discussion all the more as it is you who is constantly destroying any base for a meaningful and coherently developing communication.

I made this clear on several occasions already.

So why should I waste any more than a short comment and a few 1-liners here and there which - judging by your off-topics and off-logics - obviously you even don't understand in their full meaning and consequences.

: Well, that made a liar out of me. I hate to see those "sorry you can't see this page" blurbs meaning the page has been deleted. The "staff" is over eager. I'm going to suggest that we not delete anything of his until a certain amount of time passes...and never anything but his one-liners. I do wish the man could speak for himself.

: My main complaint with him was that he posted reams of articles without much substance of his own. Even though the other forums had a separate category for articles, he insisted on shoving them at us in place of "messages". We don't have a separate section for anything..."Fly By Night Productions..."is our service provider.

: I know his style is irritating but you'd expect real bullets in a good training exercise, not cream puffs. It's not that there is much to him, there's just a "lot" of him and most of it is just plain irritating, certainly not the challenge he fancies it to be. Born Agains have one or two threads they repeat ad nauseum, for the rest their eyes glaze over and they say things like,,,,"sorry, you didn't get the point...gotta go now,,,too busy...reflect on your singleminded dumbness till I get back..."

: If the man would just organize his thoughts into a coherent passage it might help....HIM!

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