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Re: Repost: A Hollywood Assyrian's Spindoctoring and Betraying

Posted by parhad on September 06, 2001 at 09:56:03:

In Reply to: Repost: A Hollywood Assyrian's Spindoctoring and Betraying posted by andreas on September 06, 2001 at 09:00:31:

: A Hollywood Assyrian's Spindoctoring and Betraying

: Posted by andreas on September 06, 2001 at 06:31:39:

: In Reply to: On Censoring Andreas posted by parhad on September 05, 2001 at 17:01:06:

: A Hollywood Assyrian's Spindoctoring and Betraying

: You wrote:

: : If any actual posts have been deleted it was by accident alone. I can't be bothered to figure out which post is only a one-liner and which is an article he copied from somewhere else.

>>>You HAVE no posts that are worth the trouble to delete.

: Well then,

: 1) There is no unsurmountable obstacle to swiftly and comfortably identifying what's in my posts and there's actually no justification for any mixing up with my 1-liners (which are often sufficient to put your inflated and winding maelstreams of imprecise and unorganized filibustering and sermonizing where they belong - into a NUT-shell):

>>>Oh give it a rest will ya! I swear you have more ways of saying nothing...there isn't much in what you post worth bothering about. I just asked you to justify the space you take up that's all. Give us some meat with your acres of bones. You think a string of words is a sentance, a compilation of such sentences a paragraph, and three paragraphs a definitive volume.

: All my deleted messages carried in a clearly identifiable way either the original title of the news (like in case of Amnesty International) together with the source or a short rewording in case the titles were too long.

>>>You are right. I take full responsibility for the deletions, though I didn't do them myself. The staff, you see, don't have the patience this old coot has. I done seen guys like you and I know how to handle ' don't step on a worm.

: 2) The actual deletions were far too numerous than to have occurred only by accident or unintentionally and not to be systematic - this holds true just in light of 1) above.

>>>Like I said, I haven't deleted you since you stopped your one-liners. I will talk to the staff. I can't say I'm thrilled at the prospect of seeing your ass again...but you have as much right to your point of view as I do. You can't help being who you are, and being what you are is punishment enough. No need to rub your nose in your own mess.

: So, your (w)hole story won't fly.
: Simply forget it.

>>>No problem, like I said you're hardly a loss...I'd say from the day you came home after graduating high school to find your bed, desk, clothes and book out on the sidewalk, you've been getting "hints" that your presence was welcome this side of the Plague.

>>>As much as it irks me to say it...come back Andreas, we hardly knew ye.

: As for the rest of your proganda diatribes:
: Obviously you need them for building your rhetoric parallel-universe as a cosy substitute niche for the reality you can neither understand and/or handle.

>>>You know, for sheer "nothing" you put on quite a show. I'm gonna miss them little catch-words you use.

: There are meaningless to any serious discussion all the more as it is you who is constantly destroying any base for a meaningful and coherently developing communication.

>>>You got THAT right brother...all I had to do was allow you the rope to hang yourself...told you people like you were no great shakes. Go impress some geese in Hambergerberg.

: I made this clear on several occasions already.

>>>You did WHAT?? I'm sure it took your girlfriends ages to "get clear" any intentions of an amorous nature you might have had...they probably though you were collecting for the Salvation Army as you "rang your bell". What have you ever made clear, except that you are clearly a dyed-in-the-wool idiot who craps words nonstop.

: So why should I waste any more than a short comment and a few 1-liners here and there which - judging by your off-topics and off-logics - obviously you even don't understand in their full meaning and consequences.

>>>You HAVE no meaning and the consequences of that are evident...warm up the wall socket, here he comes AGAIN! Ya know, Ghassan loves the shit out of come you don't go "wow" the three people who play round robin on his forum?

We hate to see you go
We hate to see you go
High Ho the Andreo
We hate to see you go

We'd hate to see you come
We'd hate to see you come
Oh, Yuk Andreo
We'd hate to see you come

We love that you've been here
We love that you've been here
Yes sir, Andreo
We love that you've been here

Get lost now little Kruat
Aufiederzein Ya Lout
High Ho and out you go
You sleazy pimply Kraut.

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