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The " Minnie's Dictatorship"

Posted by Ir@qi on September 08, 2001 at 01:22:25:

In Reply to: Re: Incident at The Convention posted by Jeff on September 08, 2001 at 00:26:21:

This is indeed an interesting Incident. This shows that we have a Mini ( or Minnie's ) dictatorship in action rather than an Assyrian convention promoting the rights of Assyrians around the glob, inspiring their young men, and promoting Assyrian people, and Assyrian culture.
To the contrary, this convention violated the rights of Assyrian, used too much force which at least humiliated young Assyrian if not harmed them psychologically and physically, and blocked one of the most important expressions of Assyrian culture, and creativity from seeing the light.
Now Jaki did not act like Saddam Hussain, the US laws, and the people who are paying for this convention will not let her go that far, but how would you feel if you were an Assyrian young man in Iraq, and the police jump at you with full force, for being an energetic kid, little silly, little disorderly (as most teenagers with plenty of hormones, who where brought up in the Free USA are), How would you feel if an armed Iraqi policeman push you, chase you in the parking lot, and maybe worse, when you came in to be celebrated as the future generation of this Assyrian group.
Wouldn't the Assyrians of Iraq call Kofi Anaan, and Dick Cheeney at three o'clock in the morning if some thing like this happen to an innocent young Assyrian in Iraq, and call him a martyr, and claim that he was beaten up in the parking lot, and raped in jail ?
I tell you. I lived in Iraq and the police, and Secret service as bad as they are over there they will never treat you like this.
Yes, if you try to bring down the government, if you are a member of the Iranian Da3wa party, and exploding bombs in Baghdad, or you are a Kurd or Assyrian who is collaborating with the British, and using HEAVY arms against the Iraqis, then YES they will beat you, bomb you, and kill you. But not if you are a young man acting a little silly in a party.
And then really why Armed police right there ? in London with all the IRA, ganges.... they have unarmed police which take care of most problems.
Didn't Jaki think as a Mother what will happen to these Assyrian kids future if they are beaten, arrested, or raped in jail ?
These Assyrian kids should not be castrated, oppressed, because if they are who is going to stand up to Dr. Ross, and racist like him who think Assyrian, A-Rabs are free game for attack ?
What happened in the convention show clearly, that what you had there was a real life clone of any dictator in the world. From security watching what questions you are asking, and if they do not like your questions they hit you in you source of income with a "special contract", to armed guards with an attitude worthy of guarding a max. security prison, rather than a social party with children and old people.
Imagine what these people will do if they did not have a US constitution over their heads, and people like parhad who wouldn't swallow BS!
One of the attorneys of Mr. King (the black man who was beaten with sticks on video by the Los Anglos police) said that the Iraqis treated the Western pilots they captures, and who were bombing Iraqi cities, better than the LA PD treated Mr. King.
Let us hope that The big Assyrian kid is save, and thank you parhad for saving his friends from this " Minnie's Dictatorship"

: What a story, but I can't say I'm surprised. When you first mentioned that the policeman would have guns, I thought for sure someobody would be shot at the convention. Then, we would have to have a day to honor those killed at conventions. I feel sorry for that Assyrian whose ass was kicked, ostensibly for no reason at all.

: Thanks for keeping his friends safe.

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