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Re: The " Minnie's Dictatorship"

Posted by parhad on September 08, 2001 at 07:38:57:

In Reply to: The " Minnie's Dictatorship" posted by Ir@qi on September 08, 2001 at 01:22:25:

Like I said, I don't absolve the kid from reponsibility, but neither is Jackie then absolved from her own responsibility. It was obvious that she'd sucked up to the white people who own the hotel and her insistence that, against all precedent, the police should be armed in the Hotel lobby, set everyone's nerves on edge...especially the police and security people of the hotel..for her insistance on such a thing...from a respected person in the community who "knows" us, could only have prepared them to see the worst and react accordingly.

The Assyrian had no idea that police with guns and batons were hiding off in a sideroom, ready to descend on any one of us. To have them at all...and to have them armed... would have been better to have them out where they could at least be seen and used as a deterrent. And they were out in force on Friday night, but I think people found them unsettling so they were "hidden" from view. Typical...out of sight, out of mind. But they weren't out of radio range and could be called up in a second, pouncing on people who had no idea they were there any longer.

Every ethnic group, every College Frat and Dorm have problems at gatherings. Perhaps we make too much of our "destructiveness". I know it was a mistake to have armed police hiding in the bushes when for 68 years people had become accustomed to doing things in one way.

You have to realize that this convention was not for "US". Jackie didn't collect our money to give "US" a good time...she didn't work tirelessly for "US" as she and her few friends and even more scared rabbits would maintain. Jackie has ambitions...she's been asked to run re-election campaigns and serve on committees...REAL committees, not ours. This convention was USED by Jackie to present her enhance her make her more visible...which is just what she was going to use the Shumirum Monument for. I don't like being "used"...especially not when the person who has his finger in my eye maintains she's stopping the bleeding there, so I should hold still while she shoves it in a little more.

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