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Re: HELP !

Posted by parhad on September 08, 2001 at 07:16:25:

In Reply to: Re: HELP ! posted by Ir@qi on September 08, 2001 at 02:37:29:

Jesus H Christ. It almost defies belief. And the entire thing was a set-up from the start. Iraq played right into those same old hands. When will we learn, when will we learn.

One of the problems we face in helping Iraq is that our people are not just divided among various sects, but we've become separated by borders, developing alliegence to countries which have swallowed us up within their regions. Assyrians of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey, are just different enough to see these differences as a part of their very "being". Hence the ridiculous argument with Hanna Hajjar about what really constitutes BetNahrain...with him claiming it could just as easily mean his backyard in Syria as anything else.

Assyrians who are not from Iraq, or feel no special tie to the land, do not relate to Iraq's problems. They see them as separate from the concerns of THEIR Assyrians. Some might even secretly think the Assyrians of Iraq have been too quick to claim a special status as occupying the heartland of our ancient empire...we are a terribly envious people and very capapble of cutting off our big noses to spite our faces.

Against such an array of opposing forces, and with such division and hostility within our own camp, it seems impossible to gather the will to make much of an impact...still one might rest a little easier for doing it...though the very ineffectiveness of it all makes it a bitter sort of "activism".

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