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Re: Letter to Chicago Arts Council

Posted by Ir@qi on September 08, 2001 at 13:52:46:

In Reply to: Letter to Chicago Arts Council posted by parhad on September 08, 2001 at 12:11:14:


- You start all your letters by stating who you are, and with a link sample of digital pictures of your work, they are impressive, and remember not every one know you, and know what is this all about, or who is Shumirum, you need to explain this in a SHORT, and to the point statement, leave out most of the history of disagreements, and the name of those characters who are harming the community more than they are helping it, because people are sick
and tired of all these negative people, and many will be turned off by all of this, or will not understand it and be confused by it, (in my opinion), you can always have a separate campaign for a better Assyrian leadership, but do not mix too many campaigns together, unless these people start to fight your campaign for Shumirum.
Keep it a matter of this important project, for Assyrians, and humanity.
Every one will win with this project, the Assyrians, their children, history, art, the politicians who have Assyrian constituents, even the women movement (NOW) who claim they want to promote strong women, every one should have a stake in this ( maybe even Minnie will care).
- Post this on all Assyrian pages (including outside the US), and send it not just to Michael Lash, but to the mayor
and all the city councilmen/women, so if the subject came they know what it is about, remember the pictures leave lasting impression (do not use the one with Jessie :), use the one which show her face, white).
- If this doesn't work, then there could be a discrimination going on there, and then an article to the local paper
editor may help. Also there are all kind of offices for minorities in the mayor office, and if you raise this legitimate issue, they have to respond, because they can not justify their budget on the basis of addressing only African and Hispanic issues alone.
I heard about the Chaldean Festival today :

: I think I have to compose a letter to Michael and explain what has happened with Shumirum so far and that we are going to begin a campaign to have the city of Chicago install the

monument. Either they have to ignore John, or we have to neutralize him.

: I think they've been waiting for us to take the initiative on this.

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