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Re: Letter to Chicago Arts Council

Posted by parhad on September 08, 2001 at 14:13:24:

In Reply to: Re: Letter to Chicago Arts Council posted by Ir@qi on September 08, 2001 at 13:52:46:

All excellent advice. Will do.

Michael Lash already knows about John Nimrod, and doesn't need to hear about Jackie at all. The only question is...will the city of Chicago feel it has enough support from us to justify its ignoring John Nimrod? However we feel about the Loon, he is an ex-state senator, and while there are 169,000 of them laying about...he does have some stature, inspite of his best efforts to ruin it.

We shall see. When I told Michael I was withdrawing the statue as a gift to their city, he said their position still was that they owned the monument, that it had been given to the city by Helen's AUA Foundation when SHE was presdient, not her bonehead brother...of course he understood why I was doing it.

The failure to install the Shumirum caused people to doubt my integrity which cooled off donors to the Hammurabi, and which could now sink it as well. That was exactly what John wanted when he threatened to contact people in Detroit if I didn't withdraw my most legitimate suit against him...which I won on settlement.

I am exploring now the possibility of suing him personally for all the damamge to me and my reputation and projects he's done by first making that bogus threat against the city, then spreading the lies he continues to spread. He made those same sorts of statements at the convention in San Jose, and if we can just craft it right, could have him hauled here for a court hearing...and THIS time there will be no settlement...let him tell the truth for a change and see how he really comes across...see what a bunch of less than nothing this "Assyrian" is made of.

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