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Re: Some Silly Iraqis Get Killed...big deal.

Posted by parhad on September 12, 2001 at 11:03:08:

In Reply to: Re: Some Silly Iraqis Get Killed...big deal. posted by sankho on September 12, 2001 at 07:29:32:

News sources seem to indicate they were A-rabs. Now I ask you...what did the American people EXPECT would happen, could happen and maybe even SHOULD happen? For how long can the Arab world be expected to take the daily grinding away of their people? If Saddam is indeed the madman this country claims he is, wouldn't you EXPECT some sort of retaliation, though I don't think it's Saddam...he isn't crazy, just a good employee...and if it is Osama Blame-it-all-on-Ladin...what then? Is no one in the world to react with outrage? Is what the United States does in this world, on this planet supposed to be agreable to everyone and if not, should they all just take it and shut up? What recourse is there when the world court, the United Nations, is so obviously rigged? Where are these people supposed to go to air their grievences?

Didn't the American rebels try and try to get George III to listen to their pleas for justice...didn't Hammurabi write that the weak must be protected from the strong and therefore Laws were necessary to level the playing field? IS the field level for Palestinians and Iraqis and Africans and people of Latin America? Aren't Greeks and Armenians and Assyrians clamoring for recognition of their long-ago dead people...shall no one in the world be allowed to act on behalf of their DYING parents and soon-to-be-killed children??

What is so outrageous about a little guy fighting back as best he can? American history and literature are filled with such David and Goliath stories and we have always applauded David when we fantacized that he was an American up against a hostile Goliath of a Robber Baron or Cattle Baron or Nazi Baron. But America is increasingly becomming THE Goliath, at least in terms of world dominance, and there are thousands of Davids and they try to lob the biggest stones at it they can...where's the surprise?

In '93 there was an attempt made on the same two buildings...did anything change to improve living conditions for people of the MidEast...I mean where American/Israeli policy was playing itself out? Have things improved, or has the pressure increased?

And if retaliation is the response...guess what, you'll just produce a bumper crop of more fanatics. They couldn't kill enough Jews, them Christians, to wipe out their determination and resolve. Barely three years after the last crematorium shut down and the hated Slavs had raped their way through Berlin... the Jews had a country, where Germany was split in two.

Two of the hijackers were apparently brothers...what if they had a third, a younger brother living with his father who went out for a walk one day only to be riddled with Israeli bullets. Maybe it was caught on film so the whole world could see it over and over and over. These things prey on people's Americans now are "furious" and clamoring for some "action" some revenge...refusing to take this passively. Are they so ignorant that they don't understand that other Human Beans share these same feelings, get the same fury, decide to get revenge, inflict punishment, make others bleed etc?

This wont stop until Assyrians realize that Kurds and Moslems and Iraqis are as human as they are...till Americans understand that Asians and Semites and Arabs are just human as they are...when we put ourselves in the other fellas shoes and walk a mile in them to see the world as he or she sees it. Only our common Humanity will save us...make an "enemy" and a monster of another and he'll do the same to you...ignore his righteous warth and he'll ignore yours, show no compassion for his children and he'll show none for yours. It's that simple, no mystery at all.

The only mystery here was that people thought they could get away with it, any of it.

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