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Re: Forum Is On

Posted by Ir@qi on September 14, 2001 at 00:53:50:

In Reply to: Re: Forum Is On posted by parhad on September 13, 2001 at 08:45:31:

parhad always remember most Americans do not know who are Assyrians, what is Aramaic, or who is Hamorabi.
Make your argument simple to reach the average beer drinking, football genius, college dud.
I respectfully disagree with Jeff, never underestimate your opponent. This man is an opportunistic manipulator, he is trying to use the dead Jews from 4000 years ago to climb the ladder to fame and fortune. He will try to look like the guardian angel of Zion, and the Hero of anti-Semitism, an old and well known trick which works every time in the US, look at Steven Emerson.
Most of the people who will be in the room will be Jewish, or Zionist, our people are likely to shy away from public meetings at this time, as they are hearing about attacks on Arab, and Muslim Americans.
I hope Ross is not stupid and try to hide behind the American flag at this particular time, if he does, tell him "Are you trying to win the argument by using the tragedy of NY ? this is a different argument, and I will be happy to debate it with you some other day"
Every collage has an under worked over funded media division, and they can video tap the debate, and give you a copy to send to Assyrian TV, and a copy for the college library, Ross will probably send his copy to Bani Birth, COD.
After wiping the floor with Ross, the collage should give you Ross's "Chair", and an Honorary Doctorate (even Saddam, and Dan Quail have one), and they should put a statue of you at the entrance (will have Jaki pay for that one), or better yet, seriously, how about if they put one of your Assyrian statues in the college as a corrective measure for the defamation of Assyrian. tell them you will come back for a debate every week, unless they put Hamorabi statue at the entrance.
Van Nuys California is a good location in the heart of San Fernando Vally.
Go get them Fred !

: My concern is that there isn't enough time to get the word out and a poor showing won't help us much. Your suggestion about filming is good.

: Ross can't irritate me...Hanna Hajjar couldn't.

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