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Re: Forum Is On

Posted by parhad on September 14, 2001 at 01:50:22:

In Reply to: Re: Forum Is On posted by Ir@qi on September 14, 2001 at 00:53:50:

As an Assyrian, I refuse to accept anything from the bible relating to my Heritage. I would not take the word of any Christian about the Jews either.

The bible is irrelevant where we are concerned, and since his entire argument rests on the bible...he'll have to find another tack. He will try to say our claims to an Assyrian or Aramaic language are false if not answer will be that he doesn't speak English either...just thinks he does.

A debate such as this isn't "won" on the can you prove anything to anyone's satisfaction...some dry recital of a string of "facts" will just be ignored or disputed. This is where our "intellectuals" and "experts" have failed us miserably. While they feel free to make any number of claims here on forums and in private, they have never gone out there and fought for their views...we fight for nothing, only against each other.

The debate will be scored acording to who, in the eyes of whatever meagre audience there is, sounds and feels more the hell do they know if Ashurbanipal was first or Shalmanessar...and what would that prove?

We Christian Assyrians suffer from the effects of the bible's teachings...we are divided against ourselves, half convinced our ancestors were the worst savages ever...or at the least feeling grateful that they died and are gone from the earth leaving room for their descendants to accept a "true" faith...which has all but robbed us of our blood and guts.

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