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It is apology time

Posted by Ir@qi on September 14, 2001 at 03:43:39:

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, who was very active in pushing for the war against Iraq in 1990, as was shown in a Gulf war documentary, seem to be again working on a similar project, and was today on TV working hard on this.
Actually this push to use the incident against Iraq started right after the NY/DC Tragedy, when Israeli "Terrorist experts" started promoting this idea of blaming Iraq on the mass media although the US administration is sure it is Ben Laden.
But today you can see some shift to include Iraq, out of the blue, and without any evidence (which they can always fabricate later), and all the sudden Rumsfeld, and Powel are repeating what Wolfowitz was saying, and bringing up Iraq name as a potential target, without any evidence of guilt.
Why ???
Because :
1- Ben Laden is a mobil target, hard to find. And destroying his mud house, and his low tech. men doesn't look good on camera, and will not boost Bush image, or the mass media advertisement sale.
Also they do not want to fight the Talban, the West video war is harder in the mountains, than in the desert, and a Tomahawks coasts more than a 100 Afghani Mud huts, it is not economical.
2 - attacking Iraq will make the rich voting Jews happy, and make the rich Saudi/Kuwait pay.
3- Iraq is a competitor for the US and Israel in the ME, and have proven to have incredible capacity, and resilience.
4- many countries are happy to see Iraq crushed, the Arab countries are having a bonanza of one sided trade with Iraq, Saudi can keep the oil market, and Gulf dominance for them self, France keep stealing Iraq money in its banks, the US sells weapons, and get cheap oil....etc
But hitting Iraq hard is not without a risk for the US, and to K8/Saudi, Saddam has amazingly not used any terrorism against K8/Saudi, and he probably could do a lot of that, even in a none Domes Day scenario, and that is probably why the K8ti/Saudi, are some times reluctant to support all out American attack on Iraq.
Still I think the skilled Israeli lobby will be able to push Uncle Sam to send his kids to fight for Israel, as they have done before.
I think it will be a big tragedy if the innocent Iraqi people were made to suffer any more than they have already suffered, the West should apologize to the Iraqi people, and help them, instead of bombing them again.

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