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Re: It is apology time

Posted by parhad on September 14, 2001 at 08:43:39:

In Reply to: It is apology time posted by Ir@qi on September 14, 2001 at 03:43:39:

Right wing Christian fanatics, of which Bush is one, cynnical though he may be...need an Evil force as their Muslim counterparts need a Great Satan. These kinds of people aren't all that different. They believe in Good vs Evil...therefore they need an evil force to blame their own folly on.

There was no greater con job of the 20th century than the hillarious idea that the Soviet Union, which couldn't produce enough hot dogs for its people and one basic type of car, was a threat to the United States. It was the other way around and the Soviets ruined their own economy, such as it was, spending themselves into the poorhouse to keep up with American missle and space and Bomb technology.

Yet what a great Evil power they represented to dreadful and awful seemed them old Commies. It tore up America, suspended civil liberties, scared the daylights out of an entire generation and made them forever fearfull of some undefined force seeking to creep over our shores and get us in the night. People forget the paranoia and what willing sheep it made out of this receptive we've been ever since to a claim that there is an Evil force out to get us and our way of life...much like a Great Satan.

Islam is that force now, it's the new Communist Scare...and Iraq and Saddam Hussein are the embodiment of it.

Saddam is the perfect foil for US agression, a great focal point. It's ironic that he's an Assyrian, and that this whole thing will play itself out on our ancestral homelands...who'd have ever thought it.

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