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Posted by Lorelei ( on January 29, 2002 at 11:12:05:

In Reply to: Re: to fred again posted by pancho on January 29, 2002 at 10:49:30:

I love this language, so poetic!
"You are a chock full of nothing..and doubled
over with the weight of your emptiness." Don't
you just love those metaphors that so strike
us as being unique? What is it to double over
by the weight of emptiness? How abstract, weight
as being empty! how simply confounding! That
is like "the noise of silence," the "light of
darkness," and other cute little poetic sentiments.

You are replying to my theoreticalness with more
theoreticalness. Except where I want to analyze
an issue using different language and a different perspective, you chose only to swear and make
fun of those people. Fine, fred, go ahead and keep discussing how a whole population X kills a whole population Y. If you are content with making such sweeping, generalized assumptions, fine, go ahead, it has already made you happy and
content, and since you are unwilling to look at a situation from another perspective, then it's your loss.

You act like it's a waste of time to think theoretically about something. You act like there is an urgency to what we say because there is a fire of sorts. You are the one, correct me if i'm wrong, who says the fire will burn and will burn for at least 150 years. We have time to sit and criticize. Funny how what I said to you about criticizing from a climate controlled environment is what you are saying to me too.
See how we are the same? And it behooves us to try to understand each other and get away from emotional crap? But, as you are the social commentator, you want to only comment your way
and if someone comes by using a different perspective with different language, you get all hysterical. Why is it that way? Isn't what's distinctive about you is the way you deliver your ideas, with "wit, sarcasm, timing, clarity" ?
Why do you get so uncomfortable with someone attneding to an argument from a different perspective? Do you do that with art, too? Only sculpture using this medium is acceptable, but sculpture that is using that medium is a joke?
Since when do you become such a utilitarian?

We both have inconsistencies...but the crucical point here is that we are both sitting in chairs, in the comforts of our controlled environments, and since we are both here with some mutual interests we may as well try to talk about something constructively. If you don't like the language or perspective used, go ahead and make fun of it, but i only think it' syour loss. I would prefer a collection of my perspective, yours, and the perspective of others rather than just one perspective.

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