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Posted by Lorelei ( on January 29, 2002 at 16:47:57:

In Reply to: Re: FRED posted by pancho on January 29, 2002 at 16:32:30:

Let's get to the bottom of this. Are you
calling me names because you don't like me, my
ideas, or both? Why is it that you treat me
this way and you don't treat others that way?
Also, who out there does not agree with you but
still has your respect? (my guess is no one)

I think you said it earlier: you want to be
challenged the way you challenge others.
First of all, there's only one fred and one
fred methodology for challenging. Second,
I can only challenge you with my ideas and my
beliefs, and if you find this wholly disagreable
because Fred complement didn't attack you,
I can't help that. I don't know what fred complement
looks like or smells like, but i know that I can
come at you with my beliefs, and again, if they
are too boring and you feel impelled to say otherwise,
why not just attack the substance of what i'm
saying? Why try to lash at people verbally?
So you become this martyr of sorts, oh everyone
hates me in AINA, go to hell bethsuryoyo and yip
yip or whatever you say, it's everyone against
Fred, who will rise up like a phoenix from
the ashes and use his words to show that
everyoen else is a fucking idiot?

No, everyone else is NOT a fucking idiot, and
neither are you, and the whole point of this
stuff should be to discuss ideas in order to
foment change, to reverse the ill effects
of something that went wrong, to help the children.

(Oh, but you say i don't care about the children.
ANd i say teh same. So why not let those
subjective views cancel and challenge me on
the content of what i say, and not my person)

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