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Posted by pancho ( on January 29, 2002 at 21:15:52:

In Reply to: Re: FRED posted by Lorelei on January 29, 2002 at 16:47:57:

: Let's get to the bottom of this.

===You are as bad as Andreas...I donīt WANT to get to your bottom!!!

Are you
: calling me names because you don't like me, my
: ideas, or both?

===All twelve.

Why is it that you treat me
: this way and you don't treat others that way?

===Because you are a friggin Born Again and you make spittle Holy Water and then drink it.

: Also, who out there does not agree with you but
: still has your respect? (my guess is no one)

===Me. I donīt agree with me, but I kinda like the way I go about it.

: I think you said it earlier: you want to be
: challenged the way you challenge others.

====Thatīs not what I said earlier..I said "drop dead" earlier...after that I said "get lost" and before that it was "you bore me". Canīt you get anything right?

: First of all, there's only one fred and one
: fred methodology for challenging. Second,
: I can only challenge you with my ideas and my
: beliefs,

===You have no ideas or beliefs...just things you read somewhere...not the same thing.

and if you find this wholly disagreable
: because Fred complement didn't attack you,
: I can't help that. I don't know what fred complement
: looks like or smells like,

===That makes two of are the darndest creature for stumping and confusing yourself ever saw.

but i know that I can
: come at you with my beliefs, and again, if they
: are too boring and you feel impelled to say otherwise,

===Kinda picked up on that did you?

: why not just attack the substance of what i'm
: saying?

===WHAT substance...what the fuck are you TALKING about!!!

Why try to lash at people verbally?

===Cause they, and you, arenīt here so I could do it with a kitchen chair.

: So you become this martyr of sorts, oh everyone
: hates me in AINA, go to hell bethsuryoyo and yip
: yip or whatever you say, it's everyone against
: Fred,

===Did I say that?

who will rise up like a phoenix

===There you go again..lay off my privates!
: the ashes and use his words to show that
: everyoen else is a fucking idiot?

===Well, got a problem with that, idiot?

: No, everyone else is NOT a fucking idiot, and
: neither are you, and the whole point of this
: stuff should be to discuss ideas in order to
: foment change,

===Aint you jest the cutest thang...and so sincere and all!

to reverse the ill effects
: of something that went wrong, to help the children.

===Screw you you cynnical creep. You could care just think youīve hit on a mantra.

: Right?


: (Oh, but you say i don't care about the children.
: ANd i say teh same. So why not let those
: subjective views cancel and challenge me on
: the content of what i say, and not my person)

===Yours views suck...these posts suck...your intellect suck...your clothes suck, your style sucks. you suck...did I leave anything out?

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