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Posted by Elizabeth ( on January 29, 2002 at 18:36:35:

In Reply to: Over at Aina.. posted by pancho on January 29, 2002 at 12:33:03:

: My God itīs fascinating over there. I mean the lively discussions...was Akhenatonīs mother Assyrian...are fried eggs Assyrian...are fried Assyrians good for you...where did Assyrians come from (Turlock, that was easy)...and on and on.

Dear Fred:

Maybe we shouldn't bother what has happened in the past, what is happening now or what will be in the future. Maybe we don't need science, history, religions, etc.

It is a privilege of human beings to think, to have some beliefs.

If we erase the truth, what is left?

I hope one day you will find the time to read the book "Sillueh". It is the life story of an Egyptian doctor of Akhenaton.
You learn how great the revolution that this pharoah imposed into Egypt. What a happy time it was under the new religion. I have wondered for years where did he get this idea of first monoteism in the world. Few days ago I have found out that his mother was Assyrian. I have found the answer and shared with all of you.

I have hoped it will lead you to some conclusions. The religion of Akhenaton seems to me, the most sophisticated and surprising at that time in history, almost 4 thousand years ago. My next conclusion was, if Assyrians had had such a good religion, what has happened to it? Akhenaton was killed by jelous priests of politeism of Egyptians' gods, who had made themselves super rich and powerful. All traces of the pharoah were erased.
The same has happened to Assyrian Ashurism. When we don't remember the true facts, anything and everything can be imposed on us.
Assyrians are the only nation in the world who ever existed for thousands of years that carry the name of their God. Their country had had the name Assyria, their God was Ashur, their first capital was Ashur.But when you read about them you can find the opinions today that don't fit. You are told that they were worshippers of Satan. They are accused of everything bad that has happened in the history. When you read the book "Sillueh" you find a different picture. And you start wondering maybe the whole story is completly different. Today Assyrians read books about themselves written by their opposers, by ememies, by those who don't really know.

Do you care? I know you do.

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