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Posted by pancho ( on January 29, 2002 at 12:33:03:

My God itīs fascinating over there. I mean the lively discussions...was Akhenatonīs mother Assyrian...are fried eggs Assyrian...are fried Assyrians good for you...where did Assyrians come from (Turlock, that was easy)...and on and on. One is breathless just contemplating the scope and verve and pulse...and thatīs WITHOUT Aprim!!!

What they have produced over there is exactly what they would be satisfied to leave our Heritage as...a wasteland, so long as it is THEIR wasteland where nothing exists or is allowed that upsets their hatred of all things Muslim.

They would literally "kill" a place...or us...to save it from "destruction". Destruction of course meaning any wide ranging topic they canīt handle, such as the notion that there are plenty of Assyrian Muslims who have a lot more to do in life then keep harping on how they were ONCE attached to that great empire but have SINCE "seen the light" etc.

Thatīs why they wheeled Nanny Hajjar in over at bethsuryipyip...we were having too good a time discussing all sorts of things...and you know how it is, once you accept that the world isnīt flat, all sorts of things might be let loose to scare the women and horses with. It was to clamp everything down again...like all conservative clerics do, whether Muslim or Christian or Jew...to keep us from thinking and asking too many questions...that they stopped us from even broaching other subjects...what they have now are ones too boring to care about, or the same recycled pablum of one and four years ago.

They would prefer to strangle the child dead, rather then let it grow up and marry a Muslim...or a Christian...or a Jew. These people are the same at all times and in all places and under all guises...reactionaries and murderers and apologists...it matters not who crapped in their heads first...itīs still crap.

note to Lulia: Go and haunt someone else.

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