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Posted by Elizabeth ( on January 29, 2002 at 20:09:03:

In Reply to: Over at Aina.. posted by pancho on January 29, 2002 at 12:33:03:

: My God itīs fascinating over there. I mean the lively discussions...was Akhenatonīs mother Assyrian...are fried eggs Assyrian...are fried Assyrians good for you...where did Assyrians come from (Turlock, that was easy)...and on and on.

Where in the world did you find a better idea?

Aton/ Aten = (?) Atir/Ashir/ Ashur

According to Arthur Weigall his vision (Akhenaton's) of the new god was that of the energy or life giving force that emanated from the sun disk rather then the sun itself and thus was a disembodied power and image not able to be represented in the old way. He was the first god not made in the image of man or one of the creators own creatures. As Akhenaten's theology developed the Aton became an all loving god whose worship was in the beauty of life and nature that grows under the heat and influence of the Sun. Worship and sacrifice were simple and violent sacrifice became an abomination to the god who loved. Too abrupt a change, the people did not adopt this unfamiliar religion and as Akhenaten's non violence and non involvement began to see a loss of conquered lands and a fracture in the kingdom he soon fell at the age of 30 and after some short feeble attempts to continue his ideas the religion of The Aton soon disappeared, Akhetaten was demolished and Thebes was restored as the centre of the gods under the guidance of Amun and his priesthood.

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