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Posted by Gandhi ( on February 08, 2002 at 02:39:54:

Society is Dark And Darknes create Sins ,The one who is in Darknes is inocent but the one Creats the Darknes is at fault (Corect me if I am not translating it right , it's from Victor Hugo)
Any way this Darknes is been Created by Jews , by Fabricating too many Different Religions just to survive thier existance at any price !
We Have read About The Bad POPS Too( I haven't see any Good one Yet) How can A human be Holly Father By living in those Fancy Castles ?
I went to a Catholic School in my Youth(Thanks Ashur I didn't get any sexual abuse but lots of phisical abuse for not been on time for prayers for services and mostly because not been from Catholic Parents!) Then I Served in Church of the East I know all about them.I been stabed by Christian Friends ,Reletives and even clergies , But Thanks to Ashur No Muslim Friend has hurt me yet !
They tell me they murdered my Grand Parents but the Question is Who gave them the Go head?
The Jews to establish the State of Esrael by Spliting the Armenia in Half ? or the Germans to be Next door Neighbor to Russia ?
Now they blame every evil thing to Muslims !
They show on American T.V. only the Fanatic Muslims , Thier bad nieghborhood ,The Women in Viels , or the Talibans !
How come they Are not showing to eastern Worlds thier Down town L.A. or Manhattan Dark alleys with the homeleses searching for food in trash cans !
So Muslims Are screwed All over by peole way bigger than peter and his Kind ! By the good Christians or
lovely Jews !
So what do you think if we had A Country As Assyria or Chaldea , How many years or Days or Hours we would had them live and work and multipy just as our next door nieghbors with us ! whithout forcing them to Assyrian way of Christianity !
Somebody there is trying to kiss American politicians white ass and as I have allways said they Don't care for Ass kissers ! just where the Greens Are Dummies ?

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