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Posted by pancho ( on February 08, 2002 at 11:12:41:

In Reply to: Re:Peter scews Muslims posted by Gandhi on February 08, 2002 at 02:39:54:

I have an especial affection for the Jews...though like their greatest prophets did...I scold them regularly. It is absolutely amazing to me that a people hounded and harrassed for 2000 and more years still managed to defy all odds and along the way produced the greatest thinkers of this and many another age.

I love them because they show what can be achieved in spite of everything Humans can up with to brutalize a people..if only we REMAIN TRUE!

Who has been more chased after and tortured as a group than Jews? And yet look how they triumph. Did you really expect that people treated so awfully would fight back according to rules their oppressors never bothered to follow? As Shylock says in The Merchant Of Venice..."I will BETTER the instruction".

Just as when America murders and committs unspeakable crimes against people, then reacts self-righteously when a handful of those people have the temerity to fight back in a way IT doesn't approve when have Muslim starved a half million children to death and bragged about it as "foreign policy"? You and I can see the hypocracy in that but what about the fallacy of expecting the Jews NOT to learn from their persecutors and BETTER THE INSTRUCTION!

It simply is not true that Christianity saved saved us as a spectacle and side show...and brought us to the day when we kill our own Heritage both here and at Home. The Jews show that there was a better way...and besides, better to die with honor than become a JasBetmoo or a Gassman.

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