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Posted by Cheetah from ? ( on Monday, March 18, 2002 at 7:46PM :

In Reply to: You are evil posted by Jeff from ( on Monday, March 18, 2002 at 7:30PM :

: : Anyway, she insists that while our language has a word for love "Hubba"

: : ++++HUBBA?? You mean like Hubba Hubba? It's wonder you went out to eat so much!

: >>>> Listen, that's "Hubba" with a hard h.

+++Gimme a HARD can you make an "H"??? Unless you start pronouncing the word as you round the corner.

Some crazy Assrins pronounce the hard "h" like "kh", ... I'll let THAT one pass.

****That's because we got no time or inclination to make our "H's" hard...we know what needs to be...oh never mind!

****You're the damfool who goes to meet a lovely young lady and doesn't know how to say I LOVE YOU!!! NOW you ask? these daze.

: :
: "What color BMW you vant" one variant. "Honnie...vich Rolex" always good.

: >>> I told her "Dogg. What's up Dogg? I got lotsa Cell Phones Dogg..." She wasn't impressed.

****Sniff around some more next time. IF she'll bother with you.

: : I haven't asked them yet, but was wondering if any of you could make my day or crush me like a bug under a fat man's foot by answering this question... please?

: : +++What was the question. Jeez, talk about your foreplay. "Anna K'buyinnakh"...comes to mind.

: >>>> Ok, Genius.

: I just called my aunt who'se the resident expert.

: She said the following:

: Anna Kybennoukh = I want you

***Look, oh son of Gassman...people don't want to marry ice cream or scrw a car when they use the word "love". It's in the DOING that your meaning comes clear! I don't believe this conversation. Stella...I am sorry, really I am...I had no idea...he has SUCH a nose...I figured, well...sorry.

: "Heybanoukh" (hard h) = Arabic for "I love you"

+++Heybanoukh is Norweigan for "no mustard"...Ana B'hoobakh is "I am in Love with you", in Arabic.

: Kimwakhshenoukh = I miss you

: Kmeythan Illoukh = I die for you...

: She said she'd get back to me on "I love you".

: In closing, I would like to say:
: Kulley Whothayah Hadthakh Meythi

****Ishti n'shookla= kiss my arse...and DON'T go whispering that!

****It is NOT "Hubba Hubba"...I don't care if you did bite your tongue. "Khooba" is love...and you can say..."Ana eevin goo Khooba minakh"..."I am in Hubba Hubba with you." screws up the translation.

***Ana peeshin goo khooba minakh"...I am in love with you. Ana peelin goo khooba minakh...I have fallen in love with you.

Ana kha rupsa makhin goo ishtookh in khagakheetah atkha bookari akhmak bukrit. Broon'd Kalba...kishlookh Chicago DERSE yelpit!!!

-- Cheetah
-- signature .

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