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Posted by Stella from ? ( on Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 9:59PM :

In Reply to: Re: You are evil posted by Cheetah from ? ( on Monday, March 18, 2002 at 7:46PM :

: ****You're the damfool who goes to meet a lovely young lady and doesn't know how to say I LOVE YOU!!! NOW you ask? these daze.
~~~~~Fred, I thought under your care, he would be conditioned, trained and prepared for disappoint me...He couldn't even say "touch my nose" in surith...akh minookh Fred, AKH!

: ****Sniff around some more next time. IF she'll bother with you.
~~~~~I'm sure my cats would have liked that...they're into "sniffing."

: ***Look, oh son of Gassman...people don't want to marry ice cream or scrw a car when they use the word "love". It's in the DOING that your meaning comes clear! I don't believe this conversation. Stella...I am sorry, really I am...I had no idea...he has SUCH a nose...I figured, well...sorry.
~~~~When you see such a nose, the whole big feet big-well you know- comes to mind....

: +++Heybanoukh is Norweigan for "no mustard"...Ana B'hoobakh is "I am in Love with you", in Arabic.
~~~~I thought it was Swahili for "love that schnozz"

: Ana kha rupsa makhin goo ishtookh in khagakheetah atkha bookari akhmak bukrit. Broon'd Kalba...kishlookh Chicago DERSE yelpit!!!

~~~~ Eenah?? Qamoo teeleh lakha, qa khacha nookie nookie ???


-- Stella
-- signature .

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