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Posted by Alli from ? ( on Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 12:37PM :

In Reply to: I Guess You Are... posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 10:51PM :

xxx dear "consummate ass"

the last Nazi we had provided the same news clipping if his own lack of ideas would thereby be less obvious...he wanted to participate badly...but had no time either to do much that was original

xxx who, exactly, are you referring to? there are a few individuals here, besides me, who post news & opinion articles from outside sources.

xxx as if you're so incredibly original! you regurgitate other peoples' (non-"Assyrian") political opinions in your posts just like you copy other peoples' art works. & yet YOU are always equating "originality" with "good." so, let me ask you this: what exactly is "original?" & who says i have to go by your definition of "originality?" are you this: a "control freak" - everything has to go YOUR way, or NO way at all?

: Let's all do what we are good at.

xxx what is it that YOU are "good" at? i'll say this: you've been incredibly "good" at attempting to skew the perspectives of anyone who reads this forum to cause them to think that i am a hussy, when, IN FACT, YOU were the one sending me raunchy come-ons via email (prolly as a joke, but annoying as hell, to me), & I was the one who was asking you NOT to write me like that. the ONLY reason i emailed you in the 1st place was to ask you a bit about your life, since you are artsy-fartsy & i liked your works; how you, Mr. Gadfly, really view this community you seem to care so much about; & why you gave a damn for a community that treated you the way you said it did (in some ways, you reminded me of a woman in an abusive-spouse relationship who thought she could change something that was massively out of her control). THAT was it. instead, you took my jokes & twisted them around, even on this board, until my personality, on this board, became something that was not even remotely close to "me." i have no idea why you did this, but part of me suspects that you've had an encounter with someone who actually acted in the ways you like attribute to me, & you were projecting that person's personality onto my board identity. this was easy for you to do & became somewhat of a concern for me, since no one here knows me that well.

xxx do you understand why i think your actions were problematic? if you are going to fill this board with "truthful" accusations about various members of the Assyrian community who have hurt you, seriously, & then play around with my board personality - how does anyone know when you are merely joking about me, & telling the "truth" about anyone else? hm? therefore, i personally don't, i can't, believe a word you say about anyone here. perhaps you've done the same thing to others that you have done to me.

-- Alli
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