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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 6:22PM :

In Reply to: it takes one to know one posted by Alli from ? ( on Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 12:37PM :

i'll say this: you've been incredibly "good" at attempting to skew the perspectives of anyone who reads this forum to cause them to think that i am a hussy, when, IN FACT, YOU were the one sending me raunchy come-ons via email (prolly as a joke, but annoying as hell, to me),

+++Oh was No joke...I find you incredibly alluring, you slut! The thought of entwining my limbs with yours makes me SICK!!! Keep your friggin pictures to yourself next time...especially "THOSE" kinds!

& I was the one who was asking you NOT to write me like that. the ONLY reason i emailed you in the 1st place was to ask you a bit about your life, since you are artsy-fartsy & i liked your works;

+++I KNEW like regurgitated stuff!!!

how you, Mr. Gadfly, really view this community you seem to care so much about; & why you gave a damn for a community that treated you the way you said it did (in some ways, you reminded me of a woman in an abusive-spouse relationship who thought she could change something that was massively out of her control). THAT was it. instead, you took my jokes & twisted them around, even on this board, until my personality, on this board, became something that was not even remotely close to "me."

+++Methinks the thing doth protest and protest and protest and protest and protest and protest too much.

i have no idea why you did this, but part of me suspects that you've had an encounter with someone who actually acted in the ways you like attribute to me, & you were projecting that person's personality onto my board identity.

Your bored identity deserves a good kick in the arse, that's all.

this was easy for you to do & became somewhat of a concern for me, since no one here knows me that well.

+++A lot better than you have any grasp pf yourself...when you aren't grasping something else...yeah THAT again!

: xxx do you understand why i think your actions were problematic? if you are going to fill this board with "truthful" accusations about various members of the Assyrian community who have hurt you, seriously, & then play around with my board personality - how does anyone know when you are merely joking about me, & telling the "truth" about anyone else? hm?

+++That's you make a joke of yourself all by yourself...I do waht I always do...hold up a mirror for you to see yourself could you ever forgive me for that?

therefore, i personally don't, i can't, believe a word you say about anyone here. perhaps you've done the same thing to others that you have done to me.

+++Honey what I have done to others YOU will never have done to you... run along now and play on a freeway someplace.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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