The Israeli - Palestinian conflict

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Posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, March 30, 2002 at 11:10AM :

It just amazes me sometimes. My friend thinks that they are going to start WWIII.

How the world can let the Jews use Nazi tactics against the Palestinians... rounding up and killing innocents... running an entire country based on apartheid and discriminating by religious affiliation... is beyond me.

I know Fred, they have been hounded and killed and harassed for 2000 years, but ...

The other thing that bothers me is that the very existence of that State has been, many times, defined by that same treatment. There have been Israeli parliament members who have said that if they DO NOT discriminate against Palestinians, that they will eventually be more than 50% of the population (they are 30% right now)... and it will no longer be a "Jewish state".

If the palestinians IN israel were allowed to live freely with the same state money and rights as their Jewish neighbors, they would surely be more than half the population in no-time because their birth rate is much higher than the Jewish birth rate... the Israeli government even went to Russia and New York and gave Jews "incentives" like giving them free homes (well, homes that Palestinians were recently kicked out of) just to increase their "Jewish to Arab ratio" in the population.

Don't get me wrong... this isn't some underlying bias against Jews, but rather I don't agree with the actions of the State of Israel, which I will not call the Jewish state since Zionism and Judiasm are two VERY different things.

I wrote an Essay with a Jewish friend once and we talked all about this... and we agreed... and our Essay was for a scholarship. We won the scholarship.

... To College!

-- Jeff
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