Genocide or WORDicide???

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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 1:48PM :

While Jews have been historically hounded and killed in the Christian West...chased out at a moments notice, forced to leave property and wealth or sell at drastic losses, had their children taken from them, burnt alive, accused of bringing Plague and poisoning wells, chased from country to country and arrested and tortured by priests of the Inquisition...and all of it for about 2000 years, still they don't call that entire experience "genocide" or a "holocaust". That's because they know how to read.

They refer to the events of World War Two and the concerted, determined, institutionalized method the Christians came up with for the avowed and often stated purpose of wiping every Jew off the face of the earth...that's men, women, pregnanat women, children and babies. They set up killing stations and work camps, they made detailed lists about how much it cost to kill a Jew with bullets, verses much work you get out of them against how little you had to spend to feed or clothe them till you squeezed the last ounce of profit from them, they used them as slave labor in factories...they made other lists about how much profit could be made from the hair, teeth, glasses, and fat from each body. They had efficiency experts determine the uses the flesh and fat could be put to, how much profit could be extracted...and of course they made lampshades and book covers and soap from their emaciated bodies.

They set up a rail system, and drop off points to round up the Jews in every corner of Europe they could...they built crematories expressly for that purpose, and brothels where children could be enjoyed before being killed. They conducted experiments on children and others without any anesthesia and on and on...tested cold weather conditions by watching Jews freeze after dousing them in cold water and leaving them out in the snow...want more?

This was new and unprecedented...even for Christians. It was a far cry from the usual thing Jews had being chased out of their countries, shot while escaping, or left to starve. And the rape of young virgins was old hat to them. This was a systematic and deliberate attempt, made by a specific arm of government, to round up every Jew, not just within their own country...but to fan out and send agents and teams to other countries to round up other Jews in other countries and deport them for the purpose of killing every last one of them...and this was the stated goal from the beginning...a deliberate and official policy.

This was not a raid or riot in which people were shot down willy nilly, a wave of hatred rising perioduically over a few years time...carried out by troops and civilians without any order and discipline. The Jews suffered all of that and for centuries too.

I can understand why they are careful to distinguish this from everyone elses notion of their own sufferings. The Jews themselves don't call 2000 years of killings and injustice a "genocide"...just slaughter and rape and abuse. We and the Armenians and the Greeks and the Native Americans didn't suffer the same fate. Every nation has had its pain and suffering, its barbaric treatment at the hands of others...why isn't the deliberate and official and sanctioned death by disease and starvation of 500,000 Iraqi children a "genocide"?

Israel resents, and rightly so, the efforts Christians are making to cash in on what Christians made THEM suffer...a real and true Genocide...a deliberate attempt to wipe each and every member of a Genus out. If everything was genocide, then nothing was a genocide. As they said, they do not mean to diminish the awful suffering of the Armenian and Greek and other people...but words have specific meanings, in spite of Bush...and what the others suffered, as horrible as it was, was not a true Genocide.

note: No, I don't condone the killing of Christians. I don't care what religion a person is like I don't care what color a person's socks are. Sock color and religious beliefs are no reason to kill anyone.

-- pancho
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