Danny Pearl and the Two Hundred Thousand

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Posted by pancho from adsl-64-168-26-5.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 6:38PM :

Reporters are understandably horrified at what someone did to one of their members. Cutting off someone's head is an extreme reaction to biased reporting and a bad precedent to set.

As we see other nations becomming less than enchanted with America's overwhelming chest thumping and bare chest baring at the Olympics..coupled with their "surprising" new record of Olympic Gold...the previous record was 13 versus 350 today...we know how the rest of the world reacts and will increasingly react as they are all given the message that the death of any American anywhere is an incomparable tragedy, while the deaths of thousands and hundreds of thousands of others might be "regretable" at best.

For this one man...Americans are going to want 10,000 dead...as the Romans exacted revenge in disproportionate numbers and the Nazi Christians wiped out entire villages because someone killed ONE Gestapo officer.

In the last days of the Gulf War Set Up, the United States buried alive over 200 Iraqi soldiers, among whom several Assyrians must have been, by covering them with sand from an array of bulldozers...and, in another incident, several Iraqi and Assyrian soldiers were killed after surrendering...all of this attested to, and PROUDLY too!

So long as Romans and Nazis and Christians and the United States of America go on proclaiming such blatant disregard for the suffering they inflict on others...for just so long will resistance to them mount. Those who seek to profit in the short run from Military contracts and snooping here at home and surveilance camera sales, and all the changes in our Laws that will permit even more gouging in the name of protecting us...will lead us down the path those other two "glorious" empires went...well, they thought they were glorious too!!!

-- pancho
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